Monday, January 1

Temple Grandin - The Girl Who Thought In Pictures

As a veteran classroom teacher of 24 years, I have worked with several students with autism over the years and my heart and mind have expanded with each of them. 

Having read some of Temple Grandin's books in the last ten years or so, I was thrilled to see a picture book about her! Thanks, Innovation Press, for the review copy - my students and I love this book and had excellent discussion around it. It's told by Julia Finley Mosca in rhyming lyrical form with gorgeous illustrations by Daniel Rieley.
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If you'd like a few companion activities for use with your students (aimed at first and second graders), click the pic below to download it for free.

Here are some other books you might like by Temple Grandin...

Keep on celebrating your own gifts AND the gifts of others! We can make the world a better place one kind act at a time!


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