Sunday, January 31

Tip for Teaching Fluency while Reading

There are so many ways to teach fluency!

You might enjoy this post about building a fluency continuum with your students!

Today, I wanted to drop in for a quick tip for teaching reading fluency...

Just Press Record!

I use my phone or one of the ipads we have in our classroom.

For this 25 second video, I recorded my daughter reading from Uncle Elephant.

Have your reader listen to themselves while following along with their eyes in their copy of the book. Ask him/her what s/he did well and what s/he thinks needs a little more practice. Then, compliment their success and help them practice what they think needs more work! Pretty powerful stuff!

There are several teaching points that this brief video could lend itself to modeling and are just a few:

1) I can re-read after I've done some word-solving work.

2) I can pause at ending punctuation.

3) I can reread a pattern smoothly without going line by line.

4) I can change my voice to show when someone is talking.

{You don't have to record video - you can do just audio. I find the video helpful, though, because I can see the words as she's reading them without having to find the book that I need.}

What do you like to do to build fluency?



  1. Great post!! I always want to do more recording. I need to find a way to incorporate this better. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, sweet friend! It has been so motivating for a few of my boys that haven't been quite invested in their reading. I like it because it's record, play, evaluate, teach, delete. :-) I work at a school where we are allowed to have our phones with us, which is so nice, because I can send quick responses to parents via email while walking to go pick up my class. I tend to take more student photos and upload them to our class shutterfly site, too. I really appreciate being able to use my phone during the work day!


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