Monday, June 22

Growth Mindset Resource Round Up

Over ten years ago my then-school's then-reading specialist (who was amazing beyond comprehension) taught our staff about Growth Mindset from her reading of Mindset, rooted in the amazing work of Carol Dweck. I bought into it (heck, I bought into anything this amazing woman taught us!) and purchased the book. Growth Mindset has considerably influenced a lot of my teaching over the years. This post is a round up of a variety of Growth Mindset resources and does include Amazon affiliate links.

I've been a bit obsessed particularly the last few years with Growth Mindset, as I've noticed self-regulation and interspersonal skills have declined. This means I've spent a lot more time learning about and working on it in my classroom. Here are some resources I've purchased and learned from:

This one is newly released - I haven't gotten my copy yet!

And, oh my gosh, are these Growth Mindset shirts adorable or what???


Another powerful mindset-based resource that is not classroom based, but totally life transformative.

I've also set up a Mindset board on Pinterest. Click the screen snip below to head over to check it out and give it a follow!
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