Wednesday, December 31

LASIK Adventure


(I hope those extra i's and !'s come across as me saying an enthusiastic, I missed you, kind of hi and not a shouting at you obnoxious hi! 'Cuz I really do think about you as real people, even though we haven't met in person!)

Here's a whirlwind tour of my last week....

Me....wearing glasses during the day and on an actual holiday (Christmas Eve) for the first time since FIFTH GRADE....

I needed to wear them for about a month before....
Heading in for my LASIK appointment Monday afternoon!!! EEEEEEE!!! The time had come to deal with my -8.00 vision....messing around with glasses and contacts for over 30 years was getting OLLLLD. So was not being able to see the alarm clock above me on my head board. So many layers to the annoyance of dealing with contacts, solutions, glasses...I was o.v.e.r.i.t.

So over Thanksgiving break I made the appointment to see if I was even a candidate (don't you always schedule ALL your appointments over breaks and then run from appt to appt? Oy.)...and I was - SOOO happy...cuz my eyes were so bad I was worried I wouldn't be.

Turns out they go to -10.00 and up to +2.00 for LASIK nowadays, in case you're wondering. (I guess far-sightedness is a different process and they have good results at smaller correction numbers.)

To say I was fuh-reaking out inside would be an understatement. As the day and time got closer and closer I was getting more and more nervous. Terrified, even. Once I arrived for the appt, I can't even quite describe the was like my heart was in my throat. Super emotional.

The Valium helped with that.

A lot.

The actual process of being under the lasers was actually quite cool!! Very techno and space-alien like at such close range. The staff was incredible and explained everything step by step beforehand and during. I couldn't have asked for a more positive experience, truly! And that's not the Valium talking!! They truly had anticipated and prepared me for everything. Chart for taking drops...carrying case for the sunglasses...sleeping pills and pain pill in an envelope labeled nice and large...really, they did EVERYTHING so professionally!!!

I could tell immediately, even though I had extra fluid under my "flap" that my vision was already greatly improved! So exciting!

Here's me...when I'd...
Do ya love my glasses?? I think I forgot to smile because I'm pretty inept at selfies. :-)

My family drove me home, I took my sleeping pill when I was 10 mn out and slept the rest of the day and through the night. No pain pill needed.

Yesterday was Day 1 Post-Op...I was still fuzzy and my left eye wasn't seeing as clearly as my right eye so it was kind of weird...I often covered my left eye to see what I needed to more clearly. At the post-op appt, the doctor shared that it is likely due to inflammation and time will improve it. And that I need to stay on schedule with the various drops.

After the post-op I took my family to breakfast and then we went ottoman shopping...Clearly, that was my kids favorite part of the day. Ha!!

Today is day 2 post-LASIK and my eyes are better than yesterday! I can't shake the feeling that I'm wearing contacts and need to remove's such an amazing and new feeling to NOT be using something to correct my vision!!
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