Saturday, September 20

Table Zones with Masking Tape

Howdy Friends!

I'm popping in to my favorite Linky party with a quick tip on helping your kiddos have a defined table space.

This year I'm at a new school (loving it!) and getting a groove with my classroom. I have 5 giant tables, 23 students and kind of a small the tables are packed. Fortunately, there are seat sacks, which help get stuff out of the way when we need it.

But several kids have been struggling to know their space. Think, two-thirds of one child's stuff being in the child next to them's area and that child cramming themselves into a tiny area. I wanted to help them out a bit...


I grabbed my handy-dandy orange masking tape, since I was almost out of green, and got busy.

To figure out the spaces, I put a folder at each table spot to get a gauge for spacing. It's not perfect, but it does help.

I'll warn ya, though...
I did front load, telling my friends not to pick at the tape...after a week I have two spots where there was some picking.

Not gonna sweat it too much, the goal is to use the tape as a scaffold for becoming more aware of our place in space.

Will let ya know if I end up needing to buy and use more tape for continued zoning. :)

Thanks for stopping by today!!! I hope you found this helpful!!!

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  1. Great idea for teaching persona space! It's been a while since I've dropped the chalk design of your blog too! So pretty! =)

    A+ Firsties

  2. Such a great idea for defining personal space! I have issues with this at my double desks, too!

  3. I put a colored stat at each space to help me remember who the table captain is and remind students where their chair should be. So far it has worked well!

  4. Love this idea! And with color tape labeling your tables will not take any valuable table space!

    Jennifer with Simply Kinder

  5. I haven't used this idea in FOREVER!!!! I forgot about this little gem...thanks for reminding me love.
    Teaching and Much MooreVicky


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