Monday, September 1

Back to School Preparations!

It's Back-to-School Eve and miraculously, my house is quiet. I'm going through some pics I snapped this weekend while I did some last minute back to school preparations prior to chillin' with my newest crop of firsties at my new-to-me school tomorrow.

The staff and families have been super welcoming and knock on wood...I'm pretty calm. Tonight, anyways.

A few of my favorite things have been getting a pretty serious workout this weekend! My new color laser printer...soooo worth it! Laser is soooo much cleaner and nicer than inkjet! And not having to wait my turn and monkey around on the color printer at school? Priceless! Cuz somehow I always mess something up when trying to multi-task!

My laminator! LOVE my laminator AND the pouches I get from Amazon...they work fantastically!

Here's what they've been doing for me...
Growing Firsties
Last year's batch didn't have Careful Caterpillar on them...and when a customer requested it I added it to the freebie pack on TpT but since I'd already made mine for my class I didn't make new ones.

I printed them on bright white cardstock, labeled them at the bottom with 1-M in case they get lost somewhere in the building...I also added student numbers at the top so that if one gets dropped in the room, it's easy to know who to return it to.

These are a forever freebie in my store and include full-size posters and a page with all the strategies on one. You can seem more images in this post right here, if you'd like to snag them up.

Growing Firsties

Also got labels made and printed from the Avery Templates...if you'd like to download them for free, go ahead and click here or the image above. You will need the following free (for personal use) fonts in order for them to look the same as mine do...KG Behind These Hazel Eyes; KG Second Chances; Janda Silly Monkey.

In addition to labeling their Daily Folders, I stuck in a half-page piece of homework and a gallon bag with this Indoor Recess Activity Bag note inside. 

LOVE having Indoor Recess Bags and ya never know when that first rainy day will be coming! Better to be ready! Also, since I'm still kinda sorta unpacking, my own indoor recess activities are slim pickins! The letter is a forever freebie in my TpT store. Click the text link above or the picture below to grab it.

When the recess bags come back to school, for the first few week I will store them in a big tub. Once I need that tub for something else, and have gotten the kiddos more routine on behavior expectations, they will store them in their lockers.

Sorry for the blurry pic - I'm limited on time and took a screen clip from TpT.

Growing Firsties

Calendar Cards (from Hope King's decor pack), locker tags with student pictures, pencil box tags and my supply label tags. (I'd love to share them, but I don't know how to make files editable and since these contain graphics I purchased I can't share them without locking them down. And it's back to school so though I'm calm, I'm not calm enough to figure this out super soon. Thank you for understanding!!!!!)

Hope your year is off to a great start!!!


  1. I can't wait to see what this year has in store for you! I am hoping blessings beyond your wildest dreams!

  2. Your daily folder labels are exactly what I needed! (they have been on my to do list) Thanks so much for sharing and saving me so much time!
    Have a great start to your year!

  3. I LOVE those bookmarks! I hope you have a wonderful school year!!!

  4. Hope you have a great first day! Hope you got some sleep!! Thanks for sharing! :)


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