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Bright Ideas - Parent Communication Using Data Cards

The school year is done and I've been noodling on how I'd like to incorporate and tweak the data cards I created in spring and used for spring conferences to begin working with them in fall.

Student data is recorded everywhere and there were just too many pieces of paper to sort through during a conference. I really wanted a place to collect all the info I had on each student in one single spot.

In the past, I've collected student portfolio data into a binder...but after repeated hole puncher difficulties and pinched fingers from binder closing (mine and my students), I've developed a seeeeeeerious allergy to them

I've moved to a manila file folder system for each student instead.

Bonus: The data page really helped guide me (and keep me on track...hehehehe) through the parent conference. It also helped easily highlight for parents what skills their child needed at the time. Kind of a personalized learning plan.

On a side, but very important, note: I make it a point to share a few sweet anecdotes at each parent conference...this dose of sweetness helps parents know that I deeply care about and connect with their child. It also helps soften the sometimes tricky news that needs to be shared. A "we're in this together and we CAN do it" mentality.

Prior to the conference I made a copy for each parent and they often took notes directly on the page.

Here are some close-ups...

The one below says "Use Making Words" in the left margin...for students with this note, I had compiled some example warm-up lessons from Making Words and did a little demo with magnetic letters for those parents.

We're blessed with many involved parents where I teach and they are always looking for ways to help their children grow....for kids that need extra practice with ordering the letters within words, Making Words is helpful and easily to follow for parents. Win-Win!

The friend below had over 50 health room visits in to get to Spring of 1st grade with "only" ten visits was a win in my opinion. I only listed the number of visits for the few students that had ten or more visits by that point in the year. Our health room staff sticks a "Frequent Health Room Flyer" note in our mailboxes a few times each year.

These are two different friends below...

For the upcoming school year, I will revise the form and use it from the beginning of the year to the end. I'm debating on printing it on cardstock, though I don't know if our copier would like that when it comes to making a copy for each parent right before conferences.

Thanks for stopping by today!!! I hope you found this helpful and I'd love to hear how you share with parents!!!

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