Thursday, April 24


Have you heard about this amaaaaazing brain break website?

My class and I are super-duper IN LOVE!!! Here's "Boogie Down." It's a hoot!

The first thing I did was watch the video as linked in this screen.

Once I got set up with an account...which took maybe 51 seconds...we got to choose our champion...

My class went with Flappy Tuckler. :)

Each time we log on, Flappy has a random comment in a talking bubble. My kids think it's hilarious!
Flappy is our GoNoodle Champion...and as we log more minutes, he grows and changes - this has been super exciting to the kids! And...their excitement cracks me up and warms my heart! Once we max him out, we can choose a new one.

Check out how this particular champ grows! :)
For many of the brain breaks, you get to select your grade level range, too.

My class thinks LOVES all of the breaks (some are active, some are calming)...
Airtime is especially cool, as you select your home state, do some breathing exercises and end up at a surprise destination. Here's where we ended up the first time...
Being such Packers Fans...there was a HUGE cheer!

Here's what the other side of the postcard said...
Lots of giggles over the Toilet Paper statement! ANNNND the guy's name (make sure you read it aloud) :) They loved the address, too!

We've been doing Airtime and Flow at the very end of the day and also after doing one of the more active breaks. The perfect combination!

Here's Airtime...

I can't say enough about GoNoodle! For realz...

Lots of greatness on the free site and more amazingness when you upgrade to GoNoodlePlus, too!

If you're ready to GoNoodle, you won't regret it!!!
ANNNNNND...make SURE you head over to Primary Chalkboard to enter to win a paid subscription to the site!!!!


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