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Data-Based Goal Setting

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My post is specific to teaching writing - using assessment data to set goals.

The specifics of my goal-setting that you'll read about are for writing conventions...however, before I get to that I feel that it's important to first share our...

My class knows our Ultimate Goals...we've been working on them ALL. YEAR. LONG. And...they'll continue to work on those goals in their future beyond me, I hope!

'Cuz, with writing, as skills improve, there are then other ways to improve. And more growth leads to more things to work on. And so on and so forth.

Both of the above goals are the heart and soul of everything we do in Writing Workshop. And what we do in Reading Workshop pays dividends, too.

Conventions such as punctuation, spacing, correct spelling, etc...they all fit in goal numero uno.

When we're studying authors' craft moves so that we can try it on our own...that fits goal number two. Same with when we're noticing Precise Words and edit to substitute a more precise word for a simple word.

I literally just sat and tried to think of something we do during Writing Workshop that does not fit either of the above goals and I couldn't come up with anything.

They're the umbrella...that we open up time and time again.

Today, I'm going to address how I use Dictated Sentences to Spot Check students' progress on conventions.

Then...I use that data along with other writing data to determine goals...which are ultimately displayed on an easy-to-see anchor chart like the one below.

To make the above anchor chart, I used the students' numbers, bright 8.5 x 11 paper, re-positionable glue stick and 3x3 sticky notes cut in half.

You'll notice that many students have their number in two goal areas...for example, student one is working to "Use .!? with 2 or more sentences," (red) as well as "Use a capital to begin each sentence," (orange). These were decided on a student-by-student basis.

The above clipboard contains the student data on one of the spot-checks I used...

Here are some close ups...

Do I love things I want to adjust? Absolutely. Always. :) Right...we're teachers...that's what we do.

After administering the Dictated Sentence Assessment, I went through and scored each child's piece, based on the conventions we're looking for....once they were recorded in the grid, I went through to highlight/star goals.

The extra box on the grid on each line is for the second spot check...I generally do them every 6-8 weeks. I did give an additional spot check and am in the midst of scoring them...and I gotta say I'm THRILLED with the students' progress!!!!

The highlighting and stars are for the goals...I decided on a kid-by-kid basis, based on all that I know about that student and his/her writing work, work ethic, sensitivity, time of year, etc.

Once I had the goal in mind, the anchor chart was made. Since it's made with sticky notes and repositionable glue it's easy to modify as our goals change!

For some students, I gave very specific written feedback...

These forms do go home along with the student's writing sample. I keep a copy of each at school.

I hope this post is helpful to you!! Let me know if you have any questions!! It's been an uber-hectic week and I was not able to dedicate as much time as I wanted to this post. :)

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April Printables - Math & ELA

Monthly printables are so helpful and come in so handy! I use them in lots of ways...
Daily Warm Up

Skill Checks


Independent & Small Group Practice


Sub Tub

And in the ELA pack...

Here's an Earth Day Freebie for you! Just click the pic to download it directly. :)

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