Monday, February 24

Reading Workshop with a STAR Reader Lens

What have we been up to in Reading Workshop??

A WHOLE lotta thinking!

Our current Reading Workshop unit is on Characters, so some of our recent targets have been...

I truly love incorporating STAR Readers habits into every raises the bar of our reading and I do oodles of modeling so that they can see me apply the habits of STAR Readers in all kinds of texts...fiction, non-fiction/informational, poetry, wordless picture books, magazines, fluency passages...

Right now my "Read" board looks like this:

What I love most about it, is how invested the kids are in it. Every piece on there has been something we've worked really hard on...during all of our Reading Workshop units!

The kids actively use the contents every day.

I consistently refer to it every day and feel very strongly about...
Random sidenote: I do love my Silhouette experiment, too...I used MTF Jumpin' Jack font to cut "Read like a..." I just love that font so it makes me happy to see it each day.

I'm also passionate about...

Kids have mini-versions of the STAR poster in their Book Boxes and Reading Notebooks for close up stay-in-your-seat reference.

As the year progressed, I decided to give Building STAR Readers a mini-update...

The update is reflected in the image of the bulletin board above. It includes these...

Having mini-versions is nice for those that benefit from having it RIGHTINFRONTOFTHEM.

My class is invested in being STAR Readers and it is sooo much fun for me to hear them cuing and conversing with their partners using the terminology...since I came up with the idea in the shower one day...having been tired of STAR as Stop Think And Read.

I added all the above to the end of the pack so it will be easy for you to know what's new when you re-download...

Super STAR Reader Friends with original poems...created where else but my shower? :)
I print this one two to a page so that the kids have a half-page size to glue in their Reading Notebooks.

Teacher Help!
Anchor Charts and goal setting pages.

Building STAR Readers is available on its own.

Or you can snag it in a Bundle along with its companion pack Finding Proof...

Or you can snag it in a Bundle with all three Reading Workshop packs to save big time!

Click any cover to get to it on TpT...

Here's a blog post on Finding Proof in case you'd like to learn more about it...

Here's a blog post on Teaching Readers to Self Monitor if you'd like to see more about it...


Here's a Table of Contents-ish of Building STAR Readers...
A compilation page that I send home to parents via the Take Home Book Envelope...I laminate them after printing them two to a page and they stay in the Envelope.

 Here's a closer view of the bookmark and all the posters on one page...

There are also a bunch of generic type recording pages that have the STAR logo at the top...some of them are blank for students (or you) to add categories in...others have been pre-filled.



  1. How awesome is all of this? I love the STAR idea but I teach in French so I would need to come up with something different!
    I love how complete your little writer's workshop is. Your kids must be very motivated! I know I would be :)
    Miss Elementary

    1. Hi Sara! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment!!! Now...French...that is SOOO cool!!!!

  2. Wow Lisa! What a well thought out product! Very thorough, meaningful, and also easy to implement in the class! Bravo!


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