Tuesday, January 28

February Math & ELA Printables

Having these February printables for Math and ELA at the ready is so fantastic! Recently we changed our get-back-from-lunch-just-before-math-starts routine...and my class is LOVING the Math Crunch!

Our routine used to be "Ways To Make" the number of the day using addition, subtraction, tallies, coins, etc...Now it's one of the Math Crunch Pages that a student distributes to table spots as we are lining up for lunch.

If they finish it and math hasn't begun quite yet, then they flip to the back side and work on Ways to Make until we begin.

Love this new routine!

Hint...Hint...Hint...make sure you stick with me to the VERY END of the post. :)

If you're interested in buying them together, they are bundled at a discount...
CCSS Growing Firsties

The ELA pack has a variety of February related printables...Groundhogs Day, Presidents Day, Valentines Day & Dental Health.

The Math pack has a variety of February related printables...Groundhogs Day, Valentines Day & Dental Health.
part part whole make ten

The ELA packs are available in two larger bundles, as well.

Another big help in my classroom is this Monthly Printable companion...specifically for Part Part Whole pack, which is also found in the Skill Builder Series.

 P.S. If you haven't downloaded this Freebie yet, with the Super Bowl coming up, you might want to. :) Click the cover pic to download...

Hope you're staying warm!!!


  1. You make this very difficult... how can I possibly select a favorite - there are so many that I love. I will say I really like the syllable sort, the number bonds, and the long and short vowel sort. I was just using (yesterday) some material from one of your previous Common Core Crunch packs and the kids were loving it!
    Granny Goes to School

  2. I really like the True or False pages in the Math pack. It really makes kiddos think! All the pages are fabulous though!


  3. I love your daily routines for using C C C Math! My kids would totally love that! Great post Lisa!

  4. I like the missing addend page. That is always a had skill. nl_scannon@seovec.org

  5. I really like the part part whole pages in math. Thats what I'm working on with my kids

    Becca marksrj03@gmail.com

  6. I love the number bonds and the noun/verb sort. These pages are all phenomenal though:) What adorable graphics too. Very appealing to firsties. aprilrfun@juno.com

    1. Congratulations!!! I'm sending you an email now to find out which pack you'd like me to send. :)

  7. Love the Number Grid Puzzles from your Math Common Core Crunch! aprekteacher@gmail.com

  8. I love all of your Common Core Crunch packets!! They are all fantastic! If I had to pick, I love the number bonds and the true or false number equations! Thank you for the chance to win one! :-) erinvaughn@k12tn.net

  9. I like the Number Grid Problems and the True False Number Equations!

  10. You continue to make amazing products for first graders. Thanks deb81992@yahoo.com

  11. I like the missing addends and the measurement pages so I would definitely pick the math pack!
    Ruthanne rarace81@gmail.com

  12. All of the pages look amazing! One of my favorites is the what's missing pages. My students could use some review and reinforcement with missing addends!

  13. I like the pages using the coins. It is sometimes hard to find good pages that have realistic looking coins.


  14. These packs look fabulous, as always, Lisa!

  15. Love the number bonds!

  16. Too hard to choose! What amazing products! Since we no longer do much with coins in first grade, I suppose I'd choose the ELA packet, but I absolutely love the number bonds and story problems!! I'm impressed:). geteacher@yahoo.com

  17. I love the "Love 2 Add" page in the math packet! They all look like a lot of fun, though! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your packets! kim.menning@k12.sd.us

    1. Congratulations, Kim!!! I'm sending you an email now to see which pack you'd like me to send your way! :)

  18. Another fantastic unit girl! Such a fabulous way to teach the standards.
    ~Christy & Tammy

  19. I have your ELA bundle my students and I love them! I am so excited that you are doing math pages too! My favorites are the true/false and word problems pages, they are great for extending their skills.

  20. I like the cut and paste sorts...I found out my students need this practice as much as the academic skills!

    Fingers crossed!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  21. These are awesome ideas. Thank you for sharing. I'm excited about the giveaway!

  22. I love these packs!!!!!! I'll definitely be purchasing in the near feature!!!


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