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TpT DIY: User Instruction Pages

I am very excited to teaming up with some of my favorite blogging buddies to give tips and advice on creating amazing products for Teachers Pay Teachers!  I sure wish I had this information when I first started out!  

If you want to get started on TpT or improve your products click here for some tips from top sellers

I have the privilege of talking about User Instruction Pages...

How to write amazing explanations and allign your products to the Common Core so that your units are teacher friendly and sell like crazy-from Growing Firsties

My goal is to always create with the user in be as explicit and teacher-friendly as possible!

1st up...
Background: Jen Sykes   Frame: Jen Jones   Fonts: Kim Geswein
Why include a Table of Contents?

For me, as a buyer, I LOVE them for two big reasons...

1.) Since packs get disassembled once they're printed...ya know...some pages go to the copier, some to the laminator, etc...a Table of Contents will help you re-assemble your stuff so you know what goes with what.

2.) A Table of Contents helps me save my file in all the right places while the ToC page is open when I save.

For example, if the pack contains a combination of Literacy and Math activities, like in Plenty of Love, I like to save it in multiple folders on my computer and a ToC comes in handy...
While saving, I'd have the above "What's Included?" page open on my screen to my different folders...based on the contents of this particular pack I would save it to these five folders...

Monthly Activities/February

Word Work/Synonyms & Antonyms

Math/Fact Families

Math/Place Value


I probably wouldn't save them specifically to my Math/Addition or Math/Subtraction folders because I have so much in those folders already...

Without a ToC type page, in order to save I have to scroll through the pack and save as I go. Sometimes the packs I buy are huuuuge and a ToC makes the saving process so much more efficient.

And being a teacher, I'm alwaaaaayzzz looking for ways to increase efficiency!!!

Can I get an Aaaaaa-men on that??!!

I don't always call it a you can see here, too...

Sometimes I include mini-pics of the pages, too...but I more often do that in the other part of my topic...

Next up...
Background: Jen Sykes   Frame: Jen Jones   Fonts: Kim Geswein
Some products are truly "print & go." In my opinion, those packs don't need Explanation pages...especially if they are 30 pages or less of use-able content.

If it's not a truly "print & go" pack, put some time into making Explanation Pages...they'll help the buyers that want it tremendously, which will really help your ratings, too!

An introductory page, such as this one from Finding Proof, can help explain your thinking...

So can a page of "Big Ideas" that a unit is trying to impart...

Building STAR Readers Pack is a huuuge pack with several there are a variety of instruction pages...

Here are some of the pages in the Mini-Lessons Outline...

In larger packs, it can really help to have a page at the beginning of each section such as... 

Simple pages like these can help, as well...

Referring to & citing specific Common Core State Standards is helpful for many of your buyers. 

Not all states implement CCSS and not all districts require teachers to cite the specific CCSS, so I tend to keep the list of included standards within an explanation page or two in order to appeal to the majority of buyers...and to keep it simple and uncluttered for buyers that don't use/want the CCSS.

Thanks for sticking with me!!! I wish you happiness and success as you begin or continue your TpT journey!!!

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  1. Lisa- This is WONDERFUL information. Thanks so sharing so much is such great detail.

    Granny Goes to School

  2. Thank you for sharing. Now that I am on the road to retiring, I would love to put things on TPT that I have already made. I will certainly use your tips before doing so. I'm just not sure yet that I can actually post something on TPT and do it right. I appreciate all the information and I so admire all of you that are teaching, blogging, and putting things on TPT. What "SuperWomen" you are!!

  3. Lisa - I love how you guys all organized this - so smart and fun. Great info too - I don't always do a table of ya friend!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  4. This post is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Seriously. You are just so talented.

  5. Loving the tip about ToC! Like you said- it is SO NICE to have this info now (starting out). Thanks to you and the other lovely bloggers for getting me going!

  6. I am not ready to create but really would like to take a class on how to create - this was great to read and will think about. I will also check out some of the videos and sites. Old dog trying to learn new tricks!!
    Thanks for a lot of great information!

  7. This was so helpful! You must have spent a lot of quality time making this blog. Thank you :)


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