Saturday, November 9

Fundraising Pack...Self-Evaluation Freebie...Coffee...T or T Pix

Love me some Random...cuz that's soooo my life! Hippity-hop, flippity-flop from one thing to the next, back to the first thing, on to a third thing and on and on until I forget about finishing the One Thing...

With that's my 5 for Friday...

1.) Parent Teacher Conferences are the next two weeks and on Monday morning, I'll have my kiddos self-evaluate using this little form...

I LOVVVVE going through them after they have filled them out...and I pull them aside typically in a low key way to have them give me a little more is so interesting to read how they perceive themselves!

It's a freebie over at TpT...and includes a version with and without the Quarter numbers in the upper right corner. Click below to download...

2. My amazing friend, Rebecca over at Darlin' Little Learners has put together the most lovely fundraiser for a family at her school. The mom is in the battle of her life...and her goal is to make as many memories with her husband and four precious young children as possible this holiday season...

Rebecca wants to help make that happen and asked some bloggy friends to donate products for...

For just $15, you will get over $90 worth of products from some fabulous folks AND you will be helping out this special family...

I'm honored to have Rave Reviews & Opinions Writing Workshop Unit included in this Fundraising pack! My students love to write reviews of their favorite holiday gifts.

To read more about and see a photo of this amazing family, please read Rebecca's post...

To help this family and stock up on all the fun, head on over to purchase the pack over at TpT, by clicking {RIGHT HERE}.

 (P.S. Rebecca had the cuh-yewt-est baby girl in September! Tinleigh! Awwwww!)

3. I am OBSESSED with my Contigo travel coffee mugs for my coffee/tea...(I'm a full-on Tervis girl for my cold stuff but really, really, really love Contigo for the hot stuff!)

They keep my coffee hot for over an hour and very warm for a few hours beyond that. I do love my coffee at any temperature but I will say I love having a sip or two after lunch (if I have any left) and having it still be warm six hours later!

I **might** have a few more, too. Does that make me totally lazy??

I put the lids and silver stainless ones in the dishwasher. I have put the painted ones in the dishwasher, oldest painted one has paint chipping off the bottom part (which will eventually come up around the sides, I'm sure)...but for the convenience I don't mind.

They don't leak (as long as you don't overfill and have threaded the lid correctly, which is easy to do)!! They've been SIDEWAYS in my school bag before without a leak!

I'm obsessed!

Costco has twin packs of the 14 oz size for $20...but go to Amazon for your 16 oz or your 20 oz, which I kind of wish I'd done! 14 oz is a bit small for me many days...when I know it ahead of time, I bring a second one along...all filled up! :)

And...I don't use regular mugs at home 'cuz I love drinking from them so much!

4. Continuing briefly on the coffee theme...we get this from Costco in a 2.5 lb size...and I make it half scoop per two waters...YUM!

5. Sickness hit our household throughout October...we all took turns...and it was my turn during trick or treat weekend...while I stayed in bed, my husband, mom and step-dad made memories with my kiddos...thought I'd share these pics cuz they make me smile!!
 Zip-lining ghosts in the entry way...thanks to my creative husband who lovvvves all things holiday! Too cute!
 Emily, the Rosebud Princess Barbie...with a turtleneck in true WI form. :)
Scary Zach....he's 9 and informed me this year that, "Halloween is not about being cute, Mom." One of his favorite things to do was scare the bejeezers out of his sister...she was truly afraid of his mask and would scream and cry in terror.

Check out the other folks who linked up with Kacey for...


  1. You are awesome Lisa! Love the freebie!

  2. WoW ... this post is packed with wonderfulness! I love the name Tinleigh ... and that Rebecca is helping a friend in need at a super-busy time in her own life!! Oh, and I like the name Contigo for a travel mug ... it means 'with you' in Spanish ... clever.

    Sending smiles from the South and gratitude for the self-reflection freebie,


    1. Oooooh - I did not know that about the name Contigo!!! Clever!!!
      Many hugs to you, sweet friend!

  3. Thanks for the freebie Lisa, it looks great! Your son sounds like my brother, I remember when we were kids he loved scaring and teasing my sisters and me. I love the turtleneck with the Barbie Princess costume! So cute!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. Used your self-evaluation last year and loved it...and got all the report cards lined up this year for conferences and realized I forgot! Must make a note and stick it on the calendar!

  5. Love the freebie! Thanks so much! Just left some love at your store. Love all that you do!

  6. Love the self evaluation! Amazing stuff....I am so scopping up the amazing fundraiser too. Thanks so much for visiting my blog =)
    A Burst of First

  7. I'm so lucky and happy that you left a comment on my blog because I LOVE the self-evaluation, and I'm also scooping up the fundraiser. Life really does turn on a dime.


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