Friday, October 18

Sight Word Math with Look Alike Words

Do you have students that mix up look alike sight words? Words such as his and has or look and like or them and then or on and no? Me, too! Why not spend time integrating sight word practice on these types of word while you are also working on graphing, patterns or coins?

Set 1: Graphs & Patterns...

Set 2: Coins...

The Bundle...

Here's a sample of what you'll find in Set 1: Graphs & Patterns...
Two versions of Find, Tally & Graph for each set of words...

Growing Firsties

A few versions to practice graphing & patterns:
Growing Firsties

Note that the piece of clip art is the same on both versions to indicate that the same words are used on the corresponding sheets...this helps you organize easily and provides extra practice with each set of words! 

A completed page...
Growing Firsties

Growing Firsties

Full size & Quarter-Page size Answer Keys depending on how you plan to use them...

Curious about which words are used?

Set 2: Coins uses the SAME words as in Set 1, but arranged in groups of six words instead of four. This set includes mixed coin counting practice...

Growing firsties

PS...Blogger is being a SaSsAfRaS and I'm not sure why the following page pics look a little gray...I promise they are perfectly fine on the actual pages!

There are three different coin can see which coins are used next to the title on each page.

Answer Keys come in both Full & Quarter Page...

Wowzers...thanks for sticking with me! Here's a freebie for you to enjoy - Roll A Word & Roll A either pic to download. :)
Growing Firsties

Growing Firsties

I would love to hear how you help your kiddos master their sight words...

Saturday, October 5

Reading Workshop...where we're at...for now!

We have been working our little hearts out to get where we're at in Reading Workshop....which we do Teachers' College (Calkins) Style...

20 minutes of stamina in Private Reading

5-8 minutes of stamina in Partner Reading


Here's a little random tour to explain a bit of how we got there...I'm formatting it for 5 for Friday so I can link up with Kacey...a day late. :)

1. Mini-Lesson Targets going on the Target Board. The current target goes right under the bunting...former targets go to the left. You'll notice that I have two targets under the bunting...I keep emphasizing to the class that the bottom one is the MOST important! That we can really NEVER let that one go no matter what we're reading.
Each target generally lasts for more than one mini-lesson...and sometimes gets built upon. For example, "I can reread to..." target on the left was built over 3 days...with Study & Think (about the pix & words) being two days and the fluency/stamina part being added on the third day.

In random pockets of time during the day, we sometimes review and discuss one of the targets...talking about what it looks like & sounds like.

You can snag the TARGET bunting freebie {HERE}...there are three black/white patterns so just print the pages you'd like to use...

2. Private Reading - Student's table spots are next to their Reading Partner and partners are similar reading levels. Their rug spots for Reading & Writing Workshop lessons are also next to their reading partners.
During Private Reading they set their chairs up backwards from one another, take out their reading log and grab their book box. When we began Private Reading in early September, we had 5 mn of stamina...and built to 10 verrrrry slowly. Once they hit 10, they then hit 12, then 13 and 15 fairly rapidly...within a week. This week we hit 20 and they're so excited with themselves.

And...I'm thrilled because I can actually get some grouping/conferring in!

3. Here is my super simple form for my weekly lesson can snag it via google docs and edit it in Powerpoint. The font is A Year Without Rain by Kim Geswein, so you'll need to download it if you want it to look exactly like the pic below. Kim's fonts are free for personal use, $5 for commercial use (if you're using it to create something to sell).

I run these a few weeks at a time with groupings page on the back side of the plans side.

In the Group Row, I put the group name and the book title I'll be using that day.

The reason the groups are color groups is for simplicity...I have a red folder for the red group to store books and such in...same with each of the other groups.

You probably noticed that I only meet with two groups a day. This is a HUUGGGGE change for me...our district moved to Teachers College Reading Workshop this year and this has truly been the hugest change. I'm still a little bit freaked out about only getting to two groups. our former model of workshop, kids were doing centers (which we can't do anymore) while I met with 4 groups each day and we were unable to get to individual conferences.

I have five groups and meet or confer with my strugglers every day.

As I collect more info on my readers and as they progress past level I/J (Fountas Pinnell)/ 16+ (Reading Recovery) we will move more to strategy groups, which will be more focused on a specific strategy and the kids will bring a book from their book box for the opposed to Guided Reading, where the books are selected for the group's instructional level.

4. Book Boxes

Currently in book boxes are:
"shopping" books (8-10 books at their independent level from the leveled library)
Look Books (2-3 unleveled books from the topic-character-author sorted library)
Reading Notebook
Poetry Notebook (contains shared reading & other poems, songs, chants)

If you'd like the FREEBIE Reading Strategy posters (and bookmarks), you can snag them by clicking the pic below...

5. We've been spending about 8 minutes on Partner Reading each day, too. Here's a not super fancy anchor chart...

And here's a freebie sort for what Partners can and cannot do during Partner either pic to download from google docs. :) up with Kacey, too!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

Tuesday, October 1

October Blog Hop...freebie filled! And MAJOR giveaway!!

It's such fun to participate in a Blog Hop! Especially with such fun folks and a lovely hostess!!!

Cindy from Granny Goes To School is hosting the fun and  there was no arm twisting from me! I love joining the fun!

In my district, though there has never been a direct statement made, we tend to stay away from Halloween and I wanted to make a freebie that I will use with my firsties, so I decided to go with Christopher Columbus!

There are five printables in all...3 Math & 2 ELA...Click the cover pic to snag it up...and don't forget to read the rest of the post for several other bits of news!

Once you've hopped through the fun, make sure you stop over at Cindy's blog to enter to win a $35 gift card to Target! How sweet is that???!!
Grab My Button

Your next stop is over at Jennifer's blog...

She is just coming off of maternity leave...awwwwww, how precious her time has been with her littlest guy....he is ADORABLE!!!

P.S. There are TWO amazing curriculum bundles over at Educents! Click the pics to check them out!

The first grade one ends on FRIDAY (10/4) at midnight, so if you haven't snagged it up, go asap!

Now there's a second grade one, too!!!

P.P.S. Heads up that there is a MASSIVE going on over at Primary Chalkboard starting up later today! Do the hop...then head to enter the amazingness!
Can you say OOOOOOH Baby, teacher bag, bunting and chair pockets!!!! And even more!!!!

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