Friday, September 20

This Week's Adventures :) Progress Monitoring, New Purchases and Apple-tastic-ness

Hi Friends!

The week has gone quickly in some ways, slowly in others!

I'm, again, linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs with my 5 for Friday. Thanks so much, Kacey, for giving we crazed-teacher-bloggers an opportunity for random sauce each week! Sometimes it's tricky to put together a cohesive post!

1. Progress Monitoring
In this day and age of data and record-keeping, this is what I've been up to with progress-monitoring for our Everyday Math program...(of which I have a definite love-hate relationship)...

Our district parents are really involved and helpful, so I wanted to have more consistent communication and evidence for parents to see how their kiddo is doing in Math class.

Every 3-4 days I have the class do an RSA (Recognizing Student Achievement) Check Up...documentation of individual students progress on the RSAs are required by our district.

For students who have a Needs More Practice (Developing) or Needs Daily Practice (Beginning), I provide a Follow Up a few days later.

On Follow Up days, they only are re-checked on the RSA sections they were NOT proficient at the first time around.

Here's more of a close up of the Check Ups & Follow Ups...

Unit 1 is a little unique, in that it is pretty basic for first graders...but generally there's a Check Up and a Follow Up version using different numbers but the same skill being measured.


 Once we get in a flow, it doesn't take me all that long to correct and return these. It's been great documentation!

2. Edu-cents $15 Frenzy! Oh My Goodness! I'm so excited about my purchases...
$15 frenzy[1].jpg

I bought these three sets...

MELONHEADZ! My first set and I couldn't be more excited to play around!

Bugs! Looking forward to supplementing our FOSS Insect Unit with these awesome packs from The Schroeder Page...

And this Nursery Rhymes Bundle for some small group/intervention work with my emerging readers from Kindergarten Lifestyle...

There are MaNy more awesome bundles priced $15 or less over on Educents...spanning all the grades! Click any pic above to snag up a deal.

3. FEARLESS Spellers!
We are working hard to be FEARLESS spellers this year...spellers that are not intimidated by long words! There's supposed to be my anchor chart pic below...but the pic is on the iPad that is at school. I never emailed it to myself! Gah.

At any rate, we've been practicing all kinds of crazy words, one part at a time...

on our whiteboards,

traced on the ground or the back of the person in front of us,

and even on scrap paper...

Words like:





The kids are eating it up and even the spellers in the earliest stages are plodding through one part at a time! Love!! :) I'll show you the anchor chart soon...I'm kind of loving it. :)

You still have a few hours tonight to enter to win my October Crunch pack...on my facebook page...

You can read and see a whole lot more about October Crunch in THIS post.

4. Over at Primary Chalkboard it's Apple Week! Make sure you head over there to look at all the posts and snag up some freebies!

Here's what I'm adding to the the cover pic to download it from TpT.

5. Heads up...DEFinitely stop by here around 11:30 CST tomorrow morning...there is an AWESOMELY awesome announcement to be made...

K...go link up with the amazing Kacey!


  1. How do you find the time to do the RSA every 3 to 4 days? Are these something you have made. I don't remember seeing it with our EDM stuff. I, definitely have a love hate relationship with EDM...more hate than love. We are in our 2nd year and I'm still not liking it. I have another rowdy group of kids and it has been almost impossible to get the games going. I'm still trying this year, but last year I had tro do the games whole group. have a great weekend!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. Where are you in Wisconsin? Just started following your blog and also teach in Wisconsin.

  3. Wow, Lisa! Your progress monitoring is VERY thorough! Wow! I think we had Everyday Math a few years back and I hated it. Your new blog design is a stunner! Looks amazing!

  4. Lisa, I love your follow ups to your RSA's! Are theses available for purchase? I would love to try these out in my EDM class :)

    1. Hi Shayla!!!! Thank you so much for your interest!!! I will be posting them to TpT soon...shoot me an email at and I can send you a sample. :)


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