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Guest Post! Barbara from The Corner on Character

Folks, my lovely and amazing friend Barbara is guest-posting for me today and I am so excited for you to read about the lovely idea she is sharing! I can't wait to get mine set up!

You can find me over at her blog, posting about more of my favorite read alouds for building character. I also updated a freebie. Head over to the Corner on Character if you'd like to check out my post. While you're there, make sure you browse her posts...they always speak to my heart.
The Corner on Character
Hi from Barbara at the Corner on Character. I am so pleased to be able to guest post swap with Lisa today. If you haven't met her IRL, let me be the first to say that she's even friendlier, more delightful and joy-filled, and more beautiful (if that's even possible!) than she is on her page. Thank you, Lisa, for trading places with me today.

I'm so excited about these home journals that I saw in Heather Krail's room recently. Heather was my son's first-grade teacher but has since moved to kindergarten, so I know that these will be a hit at either grade level. Her students could not wait to tell me about them and they all gave them an enthusiastic thumbs up!

She made 30 of these so that there is always a journal available for take home. Students take them home on Fridays and have the week to bring them back. As they trickle in, students share during morning meeting time what they've written into their class journal. To make sure that they're always in stock, a new one doesn't go home with a child until the other one has come back.

Not only is this an excellent avenue for encouraging writing, it also helps to bond their class family because the students will get to know their friends throughout the year by sharing their experiences on previous pages in the journal.

Enjoy a picture walk through Mrs. Krail's journal basket:

This class is using spirals, but you could certainly swap these out for the Primary Composition Books (at a slightly higher cost) that are now available with the top part of the page left blank for the picture and the bottom half that has wide lines and a dotted midline for the writing.

Other prompts you might use could include What I'm Grateful For, Things We Can Recycle, A Family Trip We've Taken, Meet My Grandparents, If I Could Change One Thing At This School, and What Makes Us A Character School.

I am guessing you love her already!!! Head on over to check her out!

The Corner on Character


  1. Such a great idea. I love the "I want to ride my bike without training wheels". How sweet is that?

    Granny Goes to School

  2. I really like this idea. I want to think of something similar to do in my room. Thanks!

    First in Maine

  3. What a wonderful way to encouage writing at home! I'm stealing this one! Thanks!


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