Thursday, September 19

October Printables

Monthly printables that are predictable for students help them to be independent, which gives me more time to work in small groups, one-on-one practice, intervention, and assessments. I've also been known to use them for Daily Warm Up/Morning Work, homework and in my Sub Tub...

At this stage of the year I've given the kids their editing markers and am teaching them how to self-correct...we go over each answer using the pdf projected on the smartboard (in a pinch, once self-correcting is more routine, I've done it orally only) and the kids put a smiley face next to each correct answer...if an answer is incorrect, they draw an arrow over to the spot it needs to be or they write the correct answer next to it..."no worries" is my mantra...mistakes are an opportunity to stretch and grow!
mistake-making laughter-sharing independence-building brain-stretching

The kids LOVE their editing markers!

Math & ELA are available as a discounted bundle and also individually.

Here are some details of what October's ELA pack includes..

Beginning Sound Sorts for letters that are often confused...

Beginning vowel sorts...

Short Vowel Sorts, CVC style...

Long/Short Vowel sorts...

Beginning & Ending Digraph Sorts...

Syllable Sorts...

ABC Order...

Word Family Sorts...same vowel, different ending consonant...

Opinion Writing 

List Writing...great for building writing fluency and "FEARLESS" spellers...

How To Writing...
October Word Work

October Word Work by Growing Firsties

October Writing



  1. What a GREAT set of printables!!! The activities are delightfully varied and the graphics make the set so appealing! I am heading over to your FB page ASAP in hopes of winning the packet.

    Granny Goes to School

    1. Oh, Cindy, you are such a sweetheart! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. This pack looks fabulous, as always, Lisa! Just finished printing your Finding Proof pack (waaaay fabulous!!)to use soon!



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