Friday, August 23

Random Sauce 5 for Friday :)

Hi Friends!!!

It's been a whirlwind week for sure! Here's what I've been up to...

1) Staff Development...Teachers College Reading & Writing Project came out for a four day Home Grown Institute. Such amazing stuff....LOADS of work yet to do to figure out my schedule and such, but am really, really excited!

Here's a pic from my large group session...LOVED her. Like lots! May just be emailing her with oodles of questions this year.

Her humor...her New Yorkness...her practical tips...her respectful presentation manner...her style...


Not ashamed.

I'm kind of a front row girl.

Keeps my random brain more engaged. :)

Each day was organized with three sessions...2 hour large group (half the K-2 staff in each large group, half 3-5 in each large group...), 2 hour small group (1/4 of the K-2 staff in each small group, 1/4 of the 3-5 in each)...and a 45 mn breakout session.

Super well organized and well thought out.

2) My lovely friend Julie from The First Grade Critter Cafe sent me a bundle of AWESOMENESS...I used the mustache composition book for my TCRWP's halfway filled and I will refer to it often...always with a little smile for Julie. :)

Wanted a pic, but it's at school.

She also sent me some Pilot Frixion Gel Pens pink, turquoise and purple.

People...have you USED THESE???

They are ERASABLE gel pens.

I am obSESSed!!!

Made taking (and erasing) so much more fun!!!

3) Coordinated an Intro post with my sweet friend Faith - You can download an exclusive freebie by checking it out! Click {HERE} to get there.

4) Received some Hanna Andersson on the cheap ($13.99 apiece!) for my daughter from Zulily. Love!

5) Finished trimming up my laminated Reading Strategies...

Posters of each strategy (attached to card stock)

A poster of all

Two half-pagers of the strategies (for Guided Reading)

Bookmarks - a set for home + a set for school

You can download them by clicking {HERE}. I also added Careful Caterpillar to the set (not pictured in mine) make sure to be printing the actual pages that YOU want....instead of printing them all. (Love saving ink when I can!!!)

Thanks for stopping! Hope you have a wonderful, fantabulicious weekend!!!

Ima gonna be savoring these last two days before the beginning of Teacher Tired.


  1. I love those reading strategies posters - thanks for sharing!

  2. The bookmarks will be great to stick in the bags with homework reading. Parents will love them!


  3. Those reading strategy posters are absolutely gorgeous!

    Isn't it great to go to a conference and leave feeling inspired? Glad that you got lots of ideas (and a crush!) from yours. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  4. So happy your package arrived safely! The gel pens are awesome! No more messy white out. the erasers work great! WooHoo!! Have a great weekend sweet friend!

  5. I love your reading strategies posters and I'll bet your training was AMAZING!

    Enjoy your last two days, sweet friend!

  6. Thanks for the posters and bookmarks cant wait to use them!

  7. Love the cute dresses - they are adorable.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths


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