Friday, August 23

Random Sauce 5 for Friday :)

Hi Friends!!!

It's been a whirlwind week for sure! Here's what I've been up to...

1) Staff Development...Teachers College Reading & Writing Project came out for a four day Home Grown Institute. Such amazing stuff....LOADS of work yet to do to figure out my schedule and such, but am really, really excited!

Here's a pic from my large group session...LOVED her. Like lots! May just be emailing her with oodles of questions this year.

Her humor...her New Yorkness...her practical tips...her respectful presentation manner...her style...


Not ashamed.

I'm kind of a front row girl.

Keeps my random brain more engaged. :)

Each day was organized with three sessions...2 hour large group (half the K-2 staff in each large group, half 3-5 in each large group...), 2 hour small group (1/4 of the K-2 staff in each small group, 1/4 of the 3-5 in each)...and a 45 mn breakout session.

Super well organized and well thought out.

2) My lovely friend Julie from The First Grade Critter Cafe sent me a bundle of AWESOMENESS...I used the mustache composition book for my TCRWP's halfway filled and I will refer to it often...always with a little smile for Julie. :)

Wanted a pic, but it's at school.

She also sent me some Pilot Frixion Gel Pens pink, turquoise and purple.

People...have you USED THESE???

They are ERASABLE gel pens.

I am obSESSed!!!

Made taking (and erasing) so much more fun!!!

3) Coordinated an Intro post with my sweet friend Faith - You can download an exclusive freebie by checking it out! Click {HERE} to get there.

4) Received some Hanna Andersson on the cheap ($13.99 apiece!) for my daughter from Zulily. Love!

5) Finished trimming up my laminated Reading Strategies...

Posters of each strategy (attached to card stock)

A poster of all

Two half-pagers of the strategies (for Guided Reading)

Bookmarks - a set for home + a set for school

You can download them by clicking {HERE}. I also added Careful Caterpillar to the set (not pictured in mine) make sure to be printing the actual pages that YOU want....instead of printing them all. (Love saving ink when I can!!!)

Thanks for stopping! Hope you have a wonderful, fantabulicious weekend!!!

Ima gonna be savoring these last two days before the beginning of Teacher Tired.

Sunday, August 18

Dirty Girl...Manicure...Bundles...TpT

Have you ever done a Dirty Girl mud run?

I did it with a bunch of friends from school yesterday and had a BLAST!!!

Even got a Dirty Girl Manicure.

Who knew it could be fun to swim and trudge through mud and all sorts of obstacles?

Can't wait for next year!!! Already planning the outfits, hehehe.

Despite the Dirty Girl yesterday...I was able to load two bundles on to TpT for you! Thanks so much for your sweet emails and your patience...

In case you want an easy way to get to them, just click the pics...

My whole store is on sale...including the Bundles! DON'T FORGET to use the code BTS13 at checkout, though!! (I forgot to during the last sale! Gah. At least it went to support other teachers, but I basically hollered when I realized my mistake.) are a few more product covers with links to them in my store...

And now, off I go to make progress on my TpT wishlist WITH the code...hehehe!

Friday, August 16

Classroom Pics...Raw & Late...and a heads up!

I guess we could all say that our classrooms are NEVUH finished, right?

Well, though I'm in the same classroom, teaching the same grade this year, my room is still in RAW mode.

And...I'm LATE to the Teacher Week party over at Blog Hoppin'...this was supposed to be posted on Tuesday.


Here are some shots...please excuse the messes!!!! And, there is LOADS of work to be done yet...I'm beginning to panic fo' sho'.

To take the pics, I started with the back left corner (from the doorway-ish) and went clockwise. I don't think I got the last two pics, though, to get back to where I started. Gah!

With this switchover to the Teachers College Reading & Writing Project model for Workshop loads of changes are upon us.

Exciting changes.

Labor intensive changes.

EVERYSINGLEBOOK in my classroom library either has been or needs to be touched and decided upon.

Furniture rearranged (and even assembled).

My ELEVENTY GOBZILLION TRILLION BO-BILLION (I've been collecting books since I was an infant) books will be divided up into a modified arrangement...

Waiting on tubs. Order was placed before school ended. May just go buy a bunch...hard to think about ANYthing but room prep right now....I want to gitrdun!!!!

The Library will be comprised of three parts...

A) Leveled Library
If you use letters to level your library go ahead & download my freebie labels, {HERE}.

B) By topic/author/character

C) Monthly month of books will be out at a time....holidays, seasonal, etc.

So, as it evolves, I'll take more pix and post!

CAN'T WAIT to work on my too-full TpT shopping cart for the big sale coming on Sunday & Monday!!!

My store will be 20% off...with TpT's additional 10% (but you MUST use the code!!!), that's a total of 28% off...which helps a LOTSA!!!

Would love to hear what you have in your cart!

Wednesday, August 14

Drumroll...Big Announcement!

You may have seen these teasers out on facebook lately...

Those adorable graphics were made by the lovely Faith Wheeler over at 1st Grade Fantabulous.'s the 14th...and it's 3:00 Eastern....which means it's go-time!

The amazing Latoya Reed over at Flying Into First Grade got us started and...

What fun we've been having...

a dynamic group of first and second grade teachers...

working hard to put together this...

a collaborative blog!!!

We're celebrating our launch with three bits of cool-licious-ness...

1.) B2S Tips

(One from each blog member)

Here's my tip....

Cuz, friends...pretty much anything not nailed down (chips, cookies, chips....) will be consumed when I get home from work if I don't have this tip taken care of...

I want to eat healthy, but with that "teacher tired" that you get at B2S time...if it requres any work at all...I just CAN'T do it....

Having pre-made meals and pre-cut veggies & fruit saves me.

When I do it.


2.) Quick Print Freebie eBook via Google Docs!

(One page contributed by each blog member)

Graphic by my buddy Katie Knight over at Teacher to the Core.

Here's my submission...
There are 19 other easy print one page freebies in the is AMAZING!!

3,) Swag!

3 winners will be happy to win either...

$50 gift card to TpT or

$50 gift card or

A bundle of 1st or 2nd grade goodies (winner chooses)


grab a beverage,

head on over,

feast your eyes,

snag some goodies


enter to win!


Monday, August 12

Follow Up & Heads Up

So...what kind of blogger hosts an Extravaganza and then leaves town for the weekend before wrapping up loose ends?



Had underlying guilt while I was having an amazing time with my cousin and her fabulous fam. The drive made me a little batty thinking about how much I wanted to get on blogger! ( little ones made the drive a little batty, too.)

But it was a busy enough weekend (on top of the long drive) that I just couldn't wrap up the loose ends...

Now I did, though...AND I have a super exciting, uber-flirty sneak peek...a total tease...but hoping it gets you curious enough to pop back here on Weds afternoon.

K...with that said... follow up to the Extravaganza...

Check your email, ladies!


Thank you SO much for participating in the Extravaganza, everyone!!!

Exciting stuff will be happening this week, so I hope you keep popping back. :)

Friday, August 9

Extravaganza - Final Day (+ Day 4 winners)

What a week it has been!!!

In case you're new here and would like to read up on how that picture occurred, head here...

Today I am excited to tell you about my very favorite iPad app...and one of you will win it!


It is brilliant. BRILLIANT, I tell you!

I have, for years, tried to be organized in anecdotal record-keeping of my students.

It resulted in sticky notes, index cards, binders with a page for each student...

Drove me crazy.

Then David Lowe came along...a Nationally Board Certified Teacher (and really helpful, nice guy)...and made my life so much easier.

With this app, you can take notes on your students and SO easily use those notes to make instructional decisions, form strategy groups, access performance info for report cards, and more.

It's easy to easy as navigating the app Common Core...but the touchpoints are YOURS.

You create them. On the a student name, then select what you're inputting (Tag, Strength, Teaching Point, Next Step) and then type in your comment.


You have those things typed in and saved a certain way (the printable pdf directions packet is so helpful) and then you just TOUCH your comment.'re on to the next student.

Every bit of info can be re-organized with one (maybe two) clicks so that you know which kids need which teaching points, etc.

You can also select one note (i.e. needs spaces between words) and select several students for that note all at once.

It is AMAZING!!!

I highly recommend you check out the video tour on the website.

Well, David Lowe has kindly agreed to provide a code for one lucky winner.

Thank you so much, David!!!

And, of course, more bloggy buddies have agreed to donate to the Extravaganza!!

Here's what they donated...

Some AMAZING Winner's Choice offerings, too!

The blogging community is just amazing!!!!

And so are you, fabulous followers!

I sincerely appreciate all of you!!!

Thanks for making this week so fun!!!

Here are the Rafflecopters...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And for today's offerings...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Yesterday's winners are...

You'll be getting an email from me later this morning after I schlep kids. :)


Tuesday, August 6

Extravaganza - Day 2 (+ Winner of Day 1)

Gosh, this is fun!!!!

Today there is more awesomeness in store for you...and I am SO excited!!!

I'm not even sure where to begin, it's all so fun, but I need to start somewhere so here goes...

So, over time you may have noticed that one of my bloggy besties is Katie Knight from Teacher to the Core...

I heart her to bits and we've never even shared the same breathing space. We will, oh, we will...

Well...she has offered one lucky winner....

She is a top TpT will ADORE her store!!!!!

In of my VERY favorite things in life is...

Have you ever used a Tervis Tumbler??? They are AMAZE-BALLS!!! 

Lifetime Guarantee

Keep hot drinks hot

Keep cold drinks cold

Reduce condensation...
(dripping cups annoy me and without a/c in our school our cups are SUPER drippy!)

Dishwasher safe

Made in the USA!!!


GOBS of choices

PHENOMENAL Customer Service

I have sent them as gifts to several happy folks...


I have a cabinet full of them...the 16 oz tumblers, the 24 oz tumblers & the 24 oz water bottles.

...many of them personalized with my name 
('cuz I tend to leave stuff places and I ALWAYS want my Tervis returned to me)...

Well...the AMAZING folks at Tervis have agreed to send one lucky winner this adorableness...

I can't WAIT to send it via snail mail to the winner!!!

In addition, here's what else is on the 'copter for today's winner from some of my favorite bloggy friends...

Today's Rafflecopter is for today only...winner announced tomorrow...(but keep scrolling for a chance to win one of two $65 TpT gift cards!!)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This TpT Gift Card 'copter goes all week long...

And...I'm guessing you want to know the winner of Yesterday's 'copter????

Congratulations goes to...

I'll be sending you an email later today, Jennifer (gotta shower/wake/feed/deliver my kids first)!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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