Saturday, June 22

Five for Friday...on Saturday

Hello, sweet friends!

I'm a little late to join yesterday's 5 for Friday party...but I'm okay with it if you are.

1. I was going through my recent TpT feedback (gosh, you guys are wonderful) and came across this new seller...First Grade Kate. I saw this lovely product and had to download it. (It's a freebie!). I got to be her first follower which makes me all kinds of happy. I remember back in October, 2012 when I first started.

Well...then I read that she lives just down the road from me so I had to give her a little bloggy love. 

I know she'd love it if you stopped by her store to follow her and snag it up, too. You can get there by clicking the product picture...

2. In my Teach Like A Pirate post yesterday I talked very briefly about meeting Barbara Gruener from The Corner on Character. Barbara lives in TX but is originally from WI and is in town for a big family shindig after presenting at a conference in St. Louis. We had such a lovely lunch in a sweet cafe and the time FLEW!

Barbara's was a blog I started following a long time ago...she offers gems and nuggets that stick with you! I sooo wish we had guidance counselors in my district. Well...we do but their split into so many schools that they just can't do what they could if they were at the same school all the time.

We talked for two hours straight and I'm quite sure we could have gone into the afternoon and evening. She is full of energy and enthusiasm! It's no wonder she is hired to speak!

I heart her and hope our paths cross again! Sooner rather than later!

3. Freebie Review...This whole past week was filled with freebies...if you didn't get a chance to snag them up, click the pics/captions below to get to those posts and snag them up...
Mini-Common Core Crunch Pack

Reading Strategies Poster & Bookmarks
Sight Word: Find, Tally & Graph

Data Binder Covers

Bunting Header for posting your Learning Targets
4. I adore, adore, adore my Fit Flops. I didn't realize how much I love them until I put on a different pair of flip flops that I used to wear all the time. That pair felt like I had a slab of wood under my feet and I couldn't even wear them longer than a few minutes. I'll definitely be ordering another pair soon!

Oh my '12 tabs open' fashion of being on the 'puter, I just headed over to Amazon and they're on sale, so I bought two pairs for just a bit over what I paid for the first pair (which is also discounted compared to when I bought them).

So now I'm sharing pics and case you want to start (or continue) your addiction.

  This was my first silver, though.

 This pair is coming my way in black.

 This pair is also coming my way in pale bronze.
You can click any of those pics to check them out...via my Amazon Affiliate.

5. This sweet, spunky, sassy girl will be having her birthday party today. :) It's a dance's my first party using the local Park and Rec department and we are literally showing up with Emily and that's it. They are doing everything else! And it was not terribly expensive either! I'm so excited to see how it goes...cuz the little man is turning nine in about a month. 

Three Generations
Go link up with Five for Friday (today, if you wanna join me in the We Are Late Party...or next week)!!!


  1. I just went to TPT and started following First Grade Kate, and I am her 7th follower. Thanks for all you share. Have fun at the party!
    PS-I deleted the first post because of spelling/typo errors. Can't stand that!

  2. Lisa, this is so sweet! Thank you for sharing this on your blog and for being my very first TPT follower!

    Thank you Debbie for following me as well! :)

    - Katy

    1. You are SO welcome!!! Looks like you're up to 16 now! Woot Woot! :)
      Hugs - Lisa

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to Emily! I am in love with her fancy outfit - do you think they make it in my size?!?! I'm sure the party was a huge success! Thanks for all of the wonderful freebies this week. You're the best!

    Lucky to Be in First

    1. Her little outfit is so sweet! That was from her dance recital a few weeks ago...she was a butterfly fairy...and she kinda stole the show. She was "the salmon." The one who did different/opposite moves as the rest of her group. The whole crowd was cracking up and many stopped her afterwards to tell her how fun it was to watch her. I laughed so hard my face was sopping wet. Precious memories for sure!

  4. Thanks for the chance to win the June mystery box!

  5. Thanks for sharing about Teach Like a Pirate and all of your deals and freebies. Hope the party is fabulous! Can't wait to find out what's in the mystery box!

    1. You are so welcome! The party was DARLING! I'm a tired mama, though. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to Emily! Hope it was spectacular! Thank you for an exciting week of deals and freebies...learning and laughs! Arg, I gotta get that book!


    1. Argggggg...ya better, if ya know what's good for ya! Hehehehehe. :)
      The party was adorable...Thanks for your sweetness, Angie!

  7. What a great FIVE! We can't teach in flip flops, and I think that's just a travesty, to be honest.I promise I'd be a better teacher when my feel feel good :)

    Excited about the mystery box... yay :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. I'm afraid that they'll take away the opportunity for us to wear flip flops and I would heart broken. I love me some cute comfy summery shoes!!!

  8. Thank you for all your freebies this week! I love flip flops, but since I can't teach in the ones I always wear, I'm on the lookout for comfortable cute ones that will pass for "nicer" shoes. I'll have to check out the ones you bought. Thanks for participating in the mystery box giveaway. I absolutely love that one...even when I don't win! So much wonderful stuff in a box delivered to my door...I hope!

    1. We have SOOO much fun doing it, Andrea! Thanks so much for stopping by! AND, good luck on your flip flop search! :)

  9. Love the activity! Thanks!

    Crystal Shepherd
    Lamppost in a STEM classroom

  10. Oh my gosh! She is just the cutest ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the dress. Do they have that in my size????

    1. Awww - you're a love, Katie.'re small, so I'm guessing they DO have it in your size! :)


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