Friday, June 21

Common Core Crunch - September & A Freebie

I love using my math & ELA Common Core Crunch packs for...
Morning Work
Word Work

Sub Tub

They are created out of the first grade is aimed at typical firsties...but many teachers have told me they use it with their strong Kinders and developing 2nd graders. September is aimed at typical September firsties with a variety of skills.

Gotta love a "Try Before You Buy" option, so make sure you
 download the Preview for 3 freebie pages.

Here are a bunch of pix of what's included with ELA...(you can click the cover pic to get to it on TpT.)
Common Core Crunch - Growing Firsties

Common Core Crunch by Growing Firsties

This pack is available as part of two bundles...Bundle 1 has Sept - Dec...the Yearlong Bundle has Sept - either pic to get to it on TpT.

There are multiple pages of the sampling you see below...for example, there are multiple "It Begins With..." pages that use different letters for sorting...

Short Vowel Sorts Letter Sorts

Beginning Consonant Sorts Vowel Sorts Upper Lower Case Sorts

Digraph Sorts Syllable Sorts Word Family Sorts

Opinion Writing List Making How To Writing

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Growing Firsties -

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The Math pack is so handy, too!

Also available in a yearlong or semester and even a September bundle of ELA & Math together.

For your freebie, I have a wee bit bigger freebie....see, I was going to make a CCC-Summer Edition. I worked on a bunch of pages but I just couldn't get it done. Way TOO much going on in May! I tried...I really tried...but I had to deal with what was in front of me and that had me whooped each night.

So...I'm offering you all the pages I made as a thank you for your amazingness! There are a few extras in the pack that are not in the pix below.

Click the cover pic to get the freebie.
Syllable Sorts

Parts of Speech Sort

Long Short Vowel Sorts

Topic or Detail Sort

P.S. I was supposed to post yesterday about Chapter 5 of the amazing book Teach Like A Pirate and I didn't...Looooo-Zuh. So...I'm breaking blogging etiquette and will have TWO posts today. Hope you'll come back to check it out, cuz that book is FABULOUS!!!


  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for the great freebie! We have heard great things about your Common Core Crunch packets, but hadn't checked them out yet. Wow! We love them! We love how they offer more 'rigorous' work than many other similar packets (a BIG focus at our school). We also love how they could be used in so many ways...morning work, small groups, homework, and during Daily 5! We're excited to get started with the September one and will probably be back for more throughout the year!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

    1. Thanks so much for the super sweet comment, cutie pies!!!

  2. Love all your freebies this week.

  3. Thank you!!! I love the common core crunch. I can't wait to use the September one when we get back to school. I am also looking forward to seeing the Oct/Nov/Dec edition. No rush though! Enjoy your summer :)

  4. You Rock! I just scooped up the September one (I already own May) and your syllables practice set. Can't wait to use these wonderful resources! Thank you for the wonderful freebie also! What a great week it has been.
    More Than Math by Mo

    1. Yayyyy! Thanks, Mo!!! I think YOU rock, too!

  5. Thanks for the freebie! I've been following you everyday this week, and this is by far my favorite! I'm also really liking the daily deal today and probably snagging it up later! Happy Friday!
    PS: Can't wait to read and learn about this book! ;) It sounds great!

    1. I aim to please, girl!!! I'm so glad you have enjoyed the deals! It's been fun putting it all together! :)

  6. I grabbed both of them. Thanks

  7. What a great resources! I love these Common Core Crunch packets! :) I downloaded the summer one, and I'm really interested in the other months too! :) Thanks for sharing all the goodies!

  8. Love this! Will you be making them each month? I saw your spring ones and loved them too!!!

  9. You are like a treat and I could just gobble you up with a spoon! I love ya Lisa!

  10. Your Common Core Crunch packs are just like you...fabulous! I love the freebie, too! It's perfect for those first few weeks with my second graders!

    I hope you're having a restful summer!

  11. I am just beginning my new kindergarten blog. I love the tab you have to the right of your blog (Common Core App). Do you mind sharing how to include this in a blog? Thanks for your help.

  12. Thank you for this awesome pack! I just love your Common Core Crunch packs and can't wait to use them next year!

  13. I am going to teach Kinder soon and this pack is great! I love your work. Can't wait to go back to school to use these.

  14. Has anyone done a Common Core Crunch for Kindergarten?


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