Saturday, May 25

Classroom Library & TCRWP Label Freebies

Our district will be following the Reading & Writing Workshop model from Teachers' College Reading & Writing Project. We've used pieces of Calkins' work for years, but now we'll have a comprehensive program.

In preparation, we're redoing our classroom libraries...switching over from a numbered level (Rigby, Reading Recovery) to lettered levels. So, all five bajillion books are getting re-labeled.

I wanted some cute labels for our new book baskets, so I whipped these labels up...
There are four color choices, each with a polka dot option and a chevron option. Feel free to grab them by clicking the picture above. Would love your feedback, too!!!

I've also made labels for my file tubs for each of the Teachers College Units...they look like this:

I am not sure what my file tub size will be so I made a variety of sizes. There are three different patterns, each with a complete set of three different sizes for the 7 First Grade Units.

You can snag them up by clicking the picture above.

I plan to shop for my file tubs soon. My goal is to store the mentor texts and files in the tubs. I'll be sure and post pictures of my final products!


  1. Oh honey... my online shopping habit is getting out of control! Old Navy, SassySteals, Very Jane, and ebay have all my money right now. I guess it comes from not having enough time to actually GO shopping! I definitely need to tap the breaks :)

    Those leveled reader labels are fantastic!! LOVE!

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Love the labels!! Thank you for the freebies! :)

  3. Stumbled onto your blog and got distracted on Very Jane....This may be dangerous for my wallet.

  4. The leveled library labels were the first thing on my TO DO list for the summer! Thank you SO much for the freebie! Sorry to hear your little is so sick.

  5. I love the labels!!! I'm in the process of moving the book room (just found that out yesterday)!

    Do they know what causes your daughter's cyclic vomiting? That makes me so sad!!!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  6. Super cute labels! So sorry to hear Emily is having a rough day!! Thanks for introducing me to Very Jane...that is a new one for me!!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  7. Its always FUN work to redo a classroom library! At least it will look super cute with your new labels!!

    For the Love of First Grade

  8. I am so jealous your district will be following the Reading and Writing Workshop model! I would love for my district to do that. I can't wait to read what you think about it!

    Ms. Cranfill's Class

  9. I love your library letters! So cute! I was planning to make some new letters this summer, but you've saved me the trouble. Thanks!!!

    Teacher at the Wheel

  10. I'm so sorry about Emily! I hope she feels better soon! The labels are adorable! I don't envy you having to re-label all of your books, but I would love it if my district adopted a comprehensive program like yours!

    I'm with you around online shopping! I swear Very Jane calls my name!

  11. I love the labels...thanks for the freebie! Mine are in desperate need of a makeover and these are perfect! Also, how did you get your comments to have the numbers? I am brand new to the blogging world and I feel like I need a blogging for dummies cheat sheet!
    Two Friends In First


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