Thursday, May 2

That time we had a bat probem - uh oh!

In our old house, we had a bat problem shortly after we got a new roof and covered the fascia with trim.

For several days there had been some "black rice" on our stoop. It sparkled a bit. We faithfully swept it off each morning, stumped by what it could be. Each morning there was more black rice. Took us a few days to realize it was bat guano. EWWW!

Once we thought that's what it was, we stayed outside at dusk. Sure enough, a bat swooped out of the fascia at the peak of the roof.

 And another bat swooped out.

And another...

And another...

We stopped counting at 48 bats. We still heard more squeaking.


What does one do when you have a zillion bats???

Call...the BATman!

He was a trip! (I do recommend him if you have a bat problem in the Milwaukee, WI area...despite what you are about to read.)

See...he came out and installed steel wool around the fascia wherever there was a crack larger than the small side of a match book. That's ALL the space bats need!!!!

He also installed a one-way door so that the bats could get out that night but not go back in.

Here's where it gets even freakier!!!

See...I was pregnant...the contract above was from July 6th...I had Zach on August I was verrrrry pregnant.

Well, my mom and her friend were in town to do the Danskin Triathlon and staying with me for the weekend. We were having all kinds of fun working in the nursery.
My stepdad built the crib and helped us put in the wainscoting. Loved that nursery...a children's literature theme.
Jeff was downstairs laying on the couch watching television that night when all of a sudden he screamed. Screamed.

Then hollered, "BATS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!"

He was exaggerating maybe a wee bit.

See...there were *just* four bats flying around INside our house.

So, technically not "everywhere."

The bats did NOT like the steel wool, so "Batman" said they somehow went down the studs into the basement, then flew up because they were so freaked out by the change in their habitat.

But 4 bats IN the house???? OHMYGOSH....insane, insane, insane. (not the fun insane like being in Oprah's favorite things audience, but the insane, insane. Like go cray-cray QUICK insane.)

Two bats exited the house fairly quickly once we opened the door. The other two...not so much. They, apparently, were babies and didn't understand how to head for the outside.

We had to go into "Bat Mode" every night for a week or two until we could get them out of our house. Being nocturnal, they'd sleep during the day. Around dusk they'd wake up and start flying around our house. Bat Mode means we'd close the door from the kitchen to the dining room and the door from the kitchen to the family room.

We'd watch them flying around our kitchen from outside in the back yard and open the door trying to get them to go out. Unsuccessfully.

One night, we noticed only one.

The next day...I made brownies.

The day after husband smelled something bad. Really bad. Like carcass bad.

After MUCH following of his nose to no avail he decided to pull the oven out from the wall.

He sniffed his way to the vent in the back of the oven and got the screwdriver out to take off the vent for a closer look...
So...this is what he did...

And yes..we'd already eaten the brownies.

As for the other bat...that's a whole other story and if I can track down the video we took, I MUST post it for your entertainment.

Is it wretched that we didn't mention the bat problem a few years later when we sold the house? We never had them again.

Thanks, BATman!

Life gets so cray cray at times.


  1. LOVE that you were in "bat mode." ha! That picture was SO SCARY! Thanks for another awesome giveaway and I'm so proud of you for quitting Diet Coke. Yuck!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. Bats?! Oh heck no. I don't know how you stayed in the house knowing there were two bats still in there! I would head to a hotel immediately!!! You are seriously brave.
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  3. Oh Lord. That was a great story, wow, I feel for you! You're too sweet to have bats! So happy to be linked with a friend like you!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  4. Ha! Love the bat story! The pic of your hubs is awesome. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  5. EEEK! Bats! You poor thing. I have to confess that at my old house we had a rat. Not a mouse, A. RAT! My husband literally did not sleep all night. It was traumatic. Huge, loud, poopy rat. We forked out a pretty penny to have the rat experts come and seal up our house. It was so worth it.

    Looks like an amazing giveaway! Love the whole group!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

    1. Oh no, Sarah!!! A rat???!!! You poor things!!!
      Love ya right back, friend!!!

  6. You are brave! I love the nursery!

  7. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the funniest thing ever. I am sure annoying, but funny on our end. Love ya Lisa!!!!!!

  8. Yikes! That's a lot of bats!

  9. Oh my word! Too many bats for me. One bat in my house would be plenty enough for me. Holy Moly! Great giveaway!

  10. Oh my gosh! Your story had me laughing and feeling so sorry for you. I would have freaked out!


  11. Your bat story is so amazing. Those things freak me out just flying overhead. I can't imagine a bat in my house...eek! Isn't it funny how simple activities like hula-hooping are so difficult as an adult? As a kid, I was a pro. I'm not sure what happened!


  12. Amazing story. We are having the same problem but with squirrels. We can not get them out of the attic. One got in the house and we did not know it. Over night it ate the windowsillssss trying to get out. Another few hundred dollars to fix.. UGGH

    1. Ohhhh, we've had squirrel trouble, too. They're persistent little buggers...and chewers! That problem was a detached garage issue, thank goodness. Good luck!!

  13. I don't know whether to stop laughing as hard as I am OR freak out at the thought of what you all went through....that is definitely a great story.
    Thanks for sharing and making me laugh.

  14. I admit, I enjoyed your description of the bats, but I would have flipped out! I don't mind birds, but bats are creepy! You are waaay braver than I am, I sure wouldn't have slept in the same house as them! :)


  15. I don't mind birds but I hate bats in a house!

  16. Oh my the bat story is terrible!!! Those things freak me out!

  17. Love the story.

  18. I just laughed out loud for the longest time!! Oh my word... I would not be able to sleep in my house knowing there were bats on the loose!!!

    Third Grade Bookworm

    1. Abby - I was so seriously freaked out when it came to sleeping. I often covered my face with the sheets!!!

  19. That's crazy!
    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  20. Oh my!! That is crazy.

  21. This reminds me of a time when a squirrel climb through the outside vent flaps for the dryer and got stuck all the way at the base of the tube by the dryer. It was not an nice thing. I thought it was my cat that was making the basement stink. Once I figured out where the smell was coming from, the remains of the squirrel was removed & I decided it was time to get a new dryer. I made sure this could not happen again by gluing a vent cover on the outside of the house covering the vent trap doors.

    Hope you have solved your bat situation.

  22. Nothin' like bats in the belfry..... :o) I couldn't have stayed in the house until someone proved to me they were ALL gone!


  23. OK, so I read your post out loud to my husband ... we couldn't believe it! You've got GREAT voice; I was totally hearing you! Second, my brother lives in Wauwatosa! I'm coming up there on June 19th. Maybe we could meet for lunch? Third, I love that you're Diet-Coke free ... I'm going to try to go Diet Dr. Pepper free some day soon ... I mean, I plan to ... what i really mean is that I'm proud of you and you inspire me. Wish me luck!


  24. Drink the diet coke for cryin' out loud! I kid. Congrats! Your bat story has me laughing out loud!

  25. OMG...I had a bat once in a house I lived in with one of my sisters. It was attached to the blinds in our living room and would NOT LET GO. Long story short, my girlfriends husband took my sons butterfly catcher and a pair of tongs and eventually got it off the blinds and then took it outside to get rid of it! THe sounds it was making when we were trying to get it off the blinds was SCARY!!! OH and how the HECK did you give up diet coke. I dream of the day that I can do that. I wake up every morning saying "I'm not going to drink one today." But somehow one ends up in my car and i drink it on my way to work! THen it goes downhill from there. Ahhh...... Good for you for giving it up. :)

  26. Forgot to put my name....can you tell it's late on Friday night and I'm really tired??


  27. OH MY GOSH!!!! your story was great!!! and calling BAT MAN... hilarious!!!

  28. Oh my goodness - that sounds like WAY too many bats for me. I don't mind them when they're outside, flying around. But inside? No, thanks! Although, your story did make me laugh!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  29. Um no thank you on the bat department. Brings back memories of nighttime soccer practice and my friend's lil brother came darting out of the bushes with bats following and his mother yelling, "The baby, the bats got my baby" (just like "the dingo ate my baby"). Ahhh thanks for resurfacing that memory!

    Glad you are now bat-free! Maybe we should add bats as our "Fluttering" mascot. Umm no thank you! :)
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  30. I remember when I was at home one summer our dog Jason had died. We buried him in the backyard. About 2 weeks later, there started to be a really foul smell in the house. Everyone was concerned because they thought the dog's body was creating a really terrible odor. I did some searching, determined the cause was in my parents' bedroom. Did some closer searching and found a dead bat behinid my mother's jewelry case on her dresser. YUCK!

  31. I would be freaked out by bats flying in my house- I don't mind them outside. Great giveaway! Carol

  32. That might be the funniest/worst story I've ever read! I've never dealt with bats, but we've dealt with mice. The small critters are the worst :)

  33. I hate when the sea gulls try to steal your food at the beach!

  34. Oh my goodness. I can't even imagine this.

  35. Ick! I would have been checked in at the nearest four star hotel (ok, one star would do in this situation!) before you could say boo! I could not sleep one wink with anything living in my house! I had ants on the first night in our new house (thank you five year old niece and rice krispie treats) and thought I was going to die! BATS? Whole other level!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  36. I don't know if I would have been freaked out over the flying bats in my house (I wouldn't have been a fan, but I wouldn't have freaked)- but finding the dead bat in the stove would have sent me over the edge! Yuck!

    Blooming In First

  37. That is seriously freaky. Love the nursery!
    My Second Sense

  38. Oh my goodness! That is funny stuff!!

  39. I'm still laughing, Lisa. After that BATastic adventure, did you consider naming your baby Robin? heehee


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  41. Way to go with the 90 days without a diet coke! That's awesome!

  42. Oh my goodness!!! Living in FL, we, thankfully, have not had issues with bats. Maybe, its too hot! LOL! Although I thought when I saw them in your oven they got electrocuted and I almost died!!! Am your newest follower and I look forward to seeing all the wonderful thin things you have "growing" in first!!!

    First Grade and Flip Flops

  43. I have not had a bat in the kitchen but I have had squirrels. They were a challenge to get rid of. Linda

  44. I LOVE these bird stories! So, so, so funny! I'm thankful I don't have a fear of birds although I do think bats are kind of creepy! Thanks for another month of an awesome giveaways!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  45. These bird stories are cracking me up! I can't wait to hear your other story!!!

  46. ick- bats! They may be one of my biggest fears :/ I'm definitely not a bird fan!

    Rebecca Thompson


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