Friday, March 8

Shout Outs, An Announcement and Our Fearless Daughter

I better get this Shout Out Linky posted while it's still the single digits of March!!!


Wanna link up? Keep reading.

My March Shout Outs are for...

the incomparable Kelley Dolling of the Teacher Idea Factory! Could she be any more fun, for crying out loud?
Sour Apple Studio
I heart posts by this lady! Her personality pops off the page and her stuff is so darn creative! 

(And, she looks adorable in crazy hats! Kinda like my crush, Mr. Greg!)

Teaming up with her in February for the We Heart A Good Giveaway was such a pleasure. She was the leader of that giveaway and was a gracious, kind and efficient hostessss with the mostessss.

You should probably RUN to TpT and get Kelley's Main Idea pack! It is IN-cred-I-bly well thought-out and packed with great learning opportunities!!!

While you're there, check out her Good Morning Work, too! I use  the Math packs ALL the time! $3 per monthly pack is welllll worth it!

Better yet, if you're new to her GMW, you can purchase them as a bundle and save a boatload! PLUS, as she uploads more packs you'll get those when you re-download. ONLY IN MARCH, though, so keep that in mind.

My other Shout Out goes to Amy Howbert of Little Miss Organized...

Could her blog be any cuter?

You'll LoVe her post about Saving March's Pencils and her "Weeks Worth of Work" series...which is exactly that...! Head on over to her blog and TpT and check it out!

I'm also honored to be participating in a giveaway with Amy right now for the sweet Brittany at Closing the Gap...In A Cute Outfit. Head on over and enter...but there's not a lot of time left.

I'm super excited to start a new series on this little blog called "Learn With Me: Writing Workshop." I just lovvvve teaching writing and the series will share how I go about doing it in my first grade classroom.

So, when you see the following picture, you'll know it'll be a post about my writing workshop. My hope is to help you out AND to learn from you via your comments and emails.

Can't wait to get started!

What initial questions do you have about Writing Workshop? I would love to hear them!

Our spunky 4.5 year old, Emily, is FeArLeSs when it comes to pushing limits and testing boundaries. Her sense of humor is a saving grace, but can also work against her.

Here was the text I received today from her teacher.

That was after an email yesterday that she was saying, "suck my butt" to her friends. And some evening shenanigans.

Which led to a (somewhat pleasant but clearly totally pointless) conversation this morning en route to school about using nice words.

Deep breaths.

Future Model Citizen-who-did-not-get-to-pick-out-anything-at-Costco-tonight-could-have-just-one-bedtime-book-and-will-not-be-going-to-her-beloved-dance-class-tomorrow.

Ever tried typing all those hypens? Wow.

Take a moment and celebrate our parenting with us. We're so awesome.

Shout Out Linky questions?

This Linky Party has 3 components:

1. Link a post where you have given two shout outs to two bloggers that have inspired you. One blogger with fewer followers and one  with more followers than you. This seems obvious, but please make sure you give links to those inspiring posts/blogs so others can be inspired, too!

2. Please let the two bloggers you are shouting out know that you're doing so. Leave a comment on their blog - maybe on the post that inspired you or on their post dated closest to when you link up. They'll most likely want to know what it was that inspired you to give them a shout out. :)

3. We love Farley's "Rule of Three" which means that once you link up, please comment on the posts of the two previous bloggers that linked. Then, come back later and comment on the post of the blogger after your link.
Now...go LINK UP with your March Shout Outs!



  1. I am so excited. I have the books and have been reading wonderful posts but I must admit I would really love to see it from the beginning of the year. I am hoping to use it next year.

  2. You crack me up! I feel your pain with your little one. My son once took a bucket from a neighbor's yard, found a dead bat and hauled it all to school for show and tell. They weren't even having show and tell. He was in 4th grade at the time and his teacher was a friend of mine and sent me a message to see it I knew about the bat. Kids, aren't the just the limit? :0)

  3. Too funny! Well, actually too funny but trying to keep a straight face so as not to feed into your child's silly words. I love how she didn't get to pick anything out at Costco- we totally do that too! We're going through some stuff too right now except my 5 year olds choice words (randomly and always infront of other parents) are vagina and penis. Good luck!

  4. You are truly...the sweetest!!! A big hug to you, my sweet friend! I am honored to be next to you! Love the life lessons with the sweets. They are one of many. God has placed a wonderful mother in her life, so she will truly be great!

    Amy Howbert
    Little Miss Organized

  5. Thanks for always hosting such a great linky! :) I am SO excited for your upcoming writer's workshop posts. I love using writer's workshop in my PreK classroom and being inspired by others! One thing that would definitely help me is seeing a yearlong plan for the writer's workshop.

    Oh 4.5 year olds! :) I don't have kiddos myself yet but my class of 4.5 year olds sure seems to be testing the limits lately too.

    Have a good weekend Lisa!

    Fun in PreK-1

  6. Too funny! Kids will be kids...I know my pull some shenanigans at times too. :) Can't wait to read your writing workshop excited to learn more about it! :)

  7. I'm so excited for you new venture into writing. Honestly, I hate planning for writing because I never know what to teach. I feel like a terrible writing teacher. Any help for this first year teacher would be great!

  8. Oh mY GraCiOuS! I need to link up my shout out!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on it! I really am... I have been busy almost burning my house down! I soooo wish I was joking....

    Teacher to the Core Blog

  9. Your daughter sounds a little like my son! He thinks he's funny, but I don't always agree lol ;)

    Can't wait to see what else you work on for writing! :)

    Ohh and Kelley's Morning work is FAB! LOVE it!!
    First Grade and Fabulous

  10. Thanks for the giveaway! How generous and lucky for us!!


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