Sunday, March 3

Writing Workshop - Reviews & Opinion Writing

My first grade class had a BLAST with our Writing Workshop unit on Reviews & Opinions.

First, we spend some time studying the difference between facts and opinions...

Then we study reviews, noticing the parts and listening to how an author tries to be persuasive when choosing his/her words.

You'll also find a fabulously helpful student planning page and a couple homework pages, as well!

Here's a student sample for you...These are handy as mentor or anchor texts for sure! For discussion on what TO and what NOT to do. They are from first graders...

Lastly, check out this fabulous review written by a student who is on the Autism Spectrum. SOOO proud of him for considering his audience! Better yet, he was SOOO proud of himself for including facts and opinions! Writing can be such a struggle for him but he was quite motivated to do this and share it with everyone!



  1. So, I gave up Coke for lent. And although I've been REALLY good about it, I still basically cry when I want something to drink because I can't have it. Darn the Coca-Cola company for making SUCH addicting products! Sighhhhhh.

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  2. I found you through the March Currently! I love Coke Zero and I know that I need to give it up becuase I have become so dependent on caffeine lately!

  3. Ha! Diet Coke on the brain, eh? I'm a juice addict myself. Congrats on giving it up, though! It's so good... and so addictive! :)

  4. Good job getting off the Diet Coke's so hard. I gave it up once for 6 weeks and then had one for my birthday. It's been a battle ever since!

  5. Oooooh, I gave up candy for lent and it's killing me! I didn't think I ate nearly this much candy...until I couldn't eat it everyday! I promise it'll get easier! LOVE the idea of a Shout-Out Linky! Excited for that later in the week & I'm definitely headed over to FB now! Have a great week!

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  6. Lisa, I am working on going "sugar-free", but I still need the fake stuff! LOL...I'm now using Stevia instead of SPlenda!
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  7. Lisa, I am so happy to hear you are exceeding your TPT goals! Congrats!! Your products are amazing!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  8. Love your ideas! Congrats on your products!


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