Friday, February 1

Farley Sponsor - Freebie - Sunday Sale - Giveaway Almost Over!

SO fun to be the Fab Farley's sponsor this month!! She is just so gol-durn great to work with and uber-creative!!!

Make sure & enter my huge giveaway which is NEARLY over!!! CAN'T WAIT to announce the winner of the following fabulousness!

You have until midnight on Saturday night to enter. Not sure which time zone Rafflecopter deals with so don't wait too long!

CLICK HERE to enter!

So, Sunday will be extra SUPER for one lucky winner!

I am super excited to be linking up with these fabulous blogger friends! Everything in my TpT store will be 20% off on Sunday AND, on Sunday only you will get an extra 10% off of that for entering the promo code - SUPER.

I'm filling my own cart, too!!!

And, if you want a freebie sampler of Common Core Crunch - February, please go to this post...

If you'd like to link up to the February Shout Out the pic above...

Have a SUPER time on SUPER Sunday!


  1. Lisa! I totally agree! I wish I could breathe too! I am on week 3 of stuffy noses!

    Mrs. Hoffer's Spot

  2. February is a great month for you! Currently sponsor and a fantastic giveaway!

    Mouth breathing is the worst! I'm on day 20 of this cold! I want to breathe normally again!


  3. I am loving your giveaway! Mouth breathing is the worst! I feel like Napolean Dynamite. Hope it gets better!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  4. If you are looking for someone to nominate to win your giveaway...I am leaving you all my information :)
    Hope your ability to breath comes back soon!
    My Second Sense

  5. Are you having sinus/allergy problems? They are so bad here right now. Hope we all get over that soon!
    Conversations in Literacy

  6. That is so cool your are Farley's sponsor this month! How fun!!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  7. Congrats on the sponsorship of the month! So much sickness is going around, I hope your feeling better soon!

    Teaching In Oz

  8. Congrats on being the sponsor this month.
    And I'm crossing my fingers that I win your giveaway! It's fantastic!!!!

    Make sure to stop by and enter my giveaway!

  9. Congratulations on being Farley's sponsor! I'm off to enter your giveaway...hoping I'm not too late :)

    Color Me Kinder

  10. LOVED seeing that you were the sponsor this month! Holla!!! I feel ya on the breathing thing!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  11. I'm also wanting to be able to breathe! Hopefully the weekend will provide some much needed rest (haha) :)

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  12. I loved you activities!!! They look amazing!!
    Newest follower here:)

    Come By and Visit My Blogs!
    ”Dots” of Fun!
    1...2...3...Teach With Me

  13. Congrats on being a sponsor for the month. Your printables look great :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher


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