Sunday, February 3


I had the lovely realization that my teaching license needs to be renewed on June 30th, for which I need 6 credits.

And, I am quite certain it's been 5 years because Emily will turn 5 on June 30th and I was taking a last class just a few weeks before that day 5 years ago.

Huuuuugely pregnant + school chairs + 5 days of sitting = 3 uncomfortably earned credits.

At any many credits have I taken since then?




(Huh, you ask? Shhhh. it goes with the z thing.)

K. So, I took a 1 credit technology workshop about using iPads in the classroom a few weeks ago. We learned about a variety of useful iPad apps.

So, I thought I'd link up with Katie's linky the pic to see all the other great tips!

I have two favorite apps from the class.

They weren't so first grade-ish, but they are nice-for-my-home-and-teacher-life-ish. And, that means they might be lovely-in-your-life-ish, too!


This app also is web-based. Basically, you create your own diigo account and add the diigo-let bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar (easy on google chrome, HARD on the iPad...the teacher had us do it step by step). 

Any time you like something on a web page, you can open diigo and highlight a portion of the page and it saves to your diigo library forever and ever.

I use it when I see a cool idea on a blog. I stalk so many it's sometimes hard to remember which fab idea came from which wonderful blogger and it's more something they shared rather than something I'd pin, I use diigo.

When I go to my diigo library it is all there. Here's a screen shot of part of my diigo.

When I want to go back to the article/site, I open my diigo library and click where I want to go.

You can also add sticky notes and it will save those notes, too. 

I am new to this and have just tapped into its potential, but I'm a fan! Especially with the "diigo-let" bookmarklet on my bookmarks bar, it makes it so easy!

I have also used it for health-related articles...pretty much if I don't Pin it but want to keep it easy to access I am diigo-ing it. New word.

I'm using the free version now and think it will last quite awhile for me.

Do you diigo? Would love to hear how you use it!

If you want to see some great primary apps, head over to this lovely post by Katie King - Queen of the First Grade Jungle. Have I mentioned how much I love her?

I. Love. Her.

Wanna link up on our Shout Out Linky? It's so fun to see who you choose to shout out!!!

I am having SO much fun filling my TpT cart! What are you putting in yours?

I linked up with the ever-terrific Ashley Hughes for the big sale. There are a zillion sellers offering sales! LOVE! Go link up. :)



  1. Ooooohh... I love Diigo. It's so handy! It's always fun when you can find apps that will help you in the classroom AND in your personal life. Great post and congrats on the followers. I am more than a little jealous of your winner. I checked first thing in the morning ;)

    ❁ Kate
    Purely Paperless

  2. I'm definitely going to check out Diigo. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    First in Maine


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