Thursday, February 28

Fraction Leprechaun Freebie

Looking for some Leprechaun Fun for St. Patrick's Day with your firsties or kinders? Even your second graders would like this one!
Growing Firsties

My sweet, hilarious (best one-liners of ANYone. Hands down.), creative and lovely colleague Shelley (of Indoor Recess Bag fame) shared the Fraction Leprechaun a few years ago. 

It was a hit!

But now, it's a copy of a copy of a copy. Blech.

So, I re-did it using the uber-talented Ashley Hughes' St. Patrick's Day clip art. Love her clip art. AND her. She's fab-dorable. And so's her work.

At any rate...every kiddo colors their leprechaun however they'd like.

Then they cut it vertically in half along the line going up the middle (it's kind of hard to see, but it's there).

They each KEEP their left half and swap their right half (the half with their smile) with a classmate. 

Assemble it onto 9x12 construction paper.

Name their little Leprechaun & add their own names to the label.

This sample cracks me right up! The firstie who made this was QUITE sure that Leprechauns do NOT exist! Even wrote in both spots! Too cute!

You can also do it with fourths...

If you're so inclined, add a little glitter.

Glitter with first graders has been known to make me break out in hives so I probably won't. (Sorry, Greg!)

Maybe you'd like your sweethearts to do some writing about their leprechaun's adventures, too...

 Three types of writing paper: 
Plain, dashed & HWT-type lines.

You can have these pages by clicking right here or on either picture.

Tuesday, February 19

Friendly Letter Writing Pack

Here's the Friendly Letter Writing Unit you're looking for! Make sure you download the preview to see all the details in this interactive, top-selling writing workshop unit for first and second graders!


Saturday, February 16

Common Core Crunch - March...

Oops - I think you're looking for this post...{Click Here}.

Sunday, February 10

Valentine Note Freebie

This simple, yet meaningful, Valentine Love Note freebie is one of my favorite things to do with my class each year. So sweet and easy to set up - I use that big paper from the rolling cart to make the speech bubble and heart, and thick Sharpie markers for the I and U...then tape it to my smartboard. My class loves getting their pictures taken!
Growing Firsties first grade

I absolutely KNOW I saw a photo similar to this on a blog recently. But it was a chalked-in speech bubble on a black chalkboard with "I love you!" wiped off the chalk with something wet.

I have searched blogger and pinterest and google for QUITE a while to find it and I just can't.

Please help if you know where this came from.

Must. Give. Credit.

At any rate - I modified it for my class and you can have it, too! Just click right here or on the first picture.

This freebie is featured in the incomparable Laura Candler's site Corkboard can find LOADS of February freebies by clicking the picture below!

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