Tuesday, January 22

Indoor Recess Freebie

The van said it was -6 degrees today. Air Temp. The wind chill made it even colder.

Can you say indoor recess?


This little freebie has REALLY helped! (LOVE my friend Shelley for sharing the idea!!!)

Hope it can help you, too!

Parents love it because there are fewer McDonald's toys underfoot at home.

Hint - I love TpT feedback!

AND - my 400 follower giveaway got even BETTER today!!! 

Erin Condren

Dreamlike Magic

Ashley Hughes

Susan Moran

Linda Kamp

Greg Smedley

Katie Knight

How do I even choose the right order to list them? They all have equal billing!

Every single one of those peeps are AMAZINGLY talented and wonderful and I'm super excited to host such a fun giveaway!

Bring on 400!


  1. Oh, what a fantastic idea! Living in Montana, we have LOTS of indoor recesses and, typically, they are difficult to predict. I love this! Makes the idea of indoor recess a bit more palatable :)

    ❀ Kate
    Purely Paperless

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  3. We have had indoor recess ALL week with no sign of it letting up :( I love the idea of a recess bag!
    Teach With Laughter

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I live in So. Cal and it was 79 degrees all last week but we are expecting rain tomorrow and even those days are few and far between I can stash this away for a rainy day...HA ha, get it?!? Thanks again!


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