Monday, December 31

Shout Out Linky Party - A Monthly Event

I am thrilled to be co-hosting this Linky Party each month of 2013 with the fabulous, hilarious, brilliant and adorable Katie Knight of Teacher to the Core.

The Pinter-blog-iverse is growing by leaps and bounds.

Bloggers post powerful, revolutionary stuff out there each and every day.

Let's share who inspired us.

Each month.

This Linky Party has 3 components:

1. Link a post where you have given two shout outs to two bloggers that have inspired you. One blogger with fewer followers and one  with more followers than you. This seems obvious, but please make sure you give links to those inspiring posts/blogs so others can be inspired, too!

2. Please let the two bloggers you are shouting out know that you're doing so. Leave a comment on their blog - maybe on the post that inspired you or on their post dated closest to when you link up. They'll most likely want to know what it was that inspired you to give them a shout out. :)

3. We love Farley's "Rule of Three" which means that once you link up, please comment on the posts of the two previous bloggers that linked. Then, come back later and comment on the post of the blogger after your link.

We'd love it if you came back each month to link up! :)

By the way - if you are "linky party savvy" and want to offer any suggestions, we're all ears!

P.S. Lots of people have snagged this Wintry Fun Syllable freebie go ahead and join them if you'd like. :)



  1. I cannot wait to do this!!!! I would do it tonight except I've already blogged twice today - sad, I know :) So, I guess I will be blogging once or twice tomorrow :) Thanks for my email surprise :) You will have to check out my blog - you were mentioned in one of my blogs tonight :)

  2. Ooooohhhh!!! This is on my list for this week because I'm really supposed to be doing schoolwork right now. Thanks for putting this together! You are awesome!


  3. I will be doing this tomorrow! Can't wait!
    Buggy for First Grade

  4. I just completed my first Linky Party :)
    Thank you for hosting it..I am excited!
    Elizabeth Hall

  5. Thanks for hosting...I just linked up!! Now I'll follow the rule of three!
    Owl Things First

  6. Thanks for an awesome linky party - it's great to see all the fantastic blogs out in blogland!

    Diana :)-(


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