Sunday, November 25

Common Core Reading Workshop - Building S.T.A.R Readers!

I am so darn proud of this Common Core Reading Workshop Pack!!! All 87 pages!

Update...there is a companion unit...Finding can read more about it and see many pictures in this post {right here}. You can find it on TpT by clicking the cover image below...

Both Building STAR Readers and Finding Proof are available as a bundle, too!

You can click the pick to get to it on TpT, but if you want to read more I'll add another link at the bottom, too.

It includes so many foundation & habit building components that can be used along with any reading program or on it's own, too.

It was created right out of CCSS. 

The goal is to highlight and build readers who have the following habits EVERY time they read using the S.T.A.R. acronym.





Some images/text look blurry in the photos here...promise they're crisp & clean on the actual document! Blogger pix and I are not the best of buddies.

Each habit has a friend with an original ditty...wanna meet them?

Each habit from S.T.A.R. has two anchor charts, described in the Teacher Notes page below...

There are 12 anchor charts for elaborating upon the habits and a goal setting page, too.
Mini Lesson Outlines...

Thoughts for working with the ideas behind each anchor chart are included as well. Those pages look like this...

Parents of my class have found these letters helpful this year!

Response pages for each habit...with three line options...un-lined, single lines, top-middle-bottom lines (not sure what to call the ones with the dashed line in the middle)...

Here's the unlined version...

When each habit is being highlighted, there are recording pages for describing how to apply the habit. Also multiple line's the kind with the dashed line in the middle...

There's also a variety of STAR logo response pages (all unlined) that can be used with any text...





If you'd like to check it out on TpT, go ahead and click right here.

You might also be interested in the companion pack...Finding Proof. 

You can read more about Finding Proof in this blog post

Or, click the picture to get to it on TpT. 

Thanks for sticking with me, friends!!!



  1. My district uses Calif. Treasures...

  2. This is awesome!! We should do a give away together sometime soon!

    Teaching First

  3. WOW!!! This looks AMAZING!!! I can't wait to purchase this!! Thanks for all of your hard work!



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