Friday, October 5

Embarrassing Moment!

Why is it so fun to hear about one another's embarrassing moments? Maybe because we can all relate to cringe-worthy embarrassment? Here's one of my most embarrassing teacher stories!

So, a few years ago, I had this awesome kiddo - his family was equally awesome and stunningly beautiful. 

Beautiful as in, both kids modeled for Kohl's ads. The mom and dad may have modeled in their past, as well. 

A super sweet, kind, generous, wonderful family who you wanted to just keep staring at all four of them because they were so attractive. 

Sounds a little stalker-y, but true. Everyone who knows them would agree.

They would die of embarrassment if they knew I was posting this because they are just.that.nice.

At any rate, I was going to Kalahari (a water park hotel in WI Dells about two hours from where I live) over the weekend with my family and so were they. 

We ran into each other a few times while we were there. 

Me in my bathing suit with any kiddo is kind of embarrassing. With super-model (but soooo kind) family? 

A.W.K.W.A.R.D., but oh well. 

My suit was a two piece...skirt on the bottom and loose tank-top on top. Important detail to note.

I decided to give the boogie boarding or surfing (can't remember) a try in this pool thing that shot water at you like a wave would and you could boogie board/surf. It has a very thin layer of water flowing at you really fast so you could do your thing. 

The worker explained that the best spot to do it was the middle because off the sides the water wasn't as strong and you'd go spinning and flying (super fast water on part of you and slower water on the other part created the spinning.)

Welllll, I aimed at the middle. I really did. 

Yet I went over to the side. 

Which created the spin. 

And the water up my nose and the swimsuit going every direction. 

Exposing my white, pudgy belly. (I would say the pudge was from having had my second baby six-ish month prior...but the same pudge still occupies my belly. Said baby is now four. Years. So, that wouldn't be right to use baby as an excuse.)


I finally look up and straighten myself out and yep...super cute family is there. 

With their parents. 

Meaning, the grandparents of my student. A group of six people watching my demise. 

The mom didn't make eye contact with me right away. As in, "I don't want you to think I saw all of that so I'm going to look away to make you think maybe I didn't." She's sweet like that.

My little student said "That was so awesome, Mrs. Mattes!" He really is so darn sweet and probably didn't think it was a big deal AT all.

On Monday he walks in and says, "Mrs. Mattes, my dad got that fall recorded." WHAT??? 

I'm sure they were recording it not to be mean but because their little boy told them to. 

They didn't know I would make such a fool out of myself. 

And, they're so nice I'm sure they deleted it.

I still cringe when I think about the moment I realized my embarrassing moment was witnessed by people I knew. But it's hilarious, too. :)

And, it taught that wonderful student (whom I still keep in touch with several years later) that wipeouts aren't all that bad!



  1. So sorry, I actually hate when I run into families when I am vacationing, I feel so uncomfortable, I know that was tough!

  2. Oh Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to tell you, I thought you were going to say the suit went up over your in flashing...teacher's gone wild kind of thing. So I am thinking you might have gotten off easy with only your tummy showing... you really got off easy that the dad didn't post it on you tube! Love ya girl! I really do!


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