Saturday, September 8

Common Core Reading Posters - Black & White Themed

So, our district doesn't require us to post the common core standards we are working on yet, but I am thinking it could be on the way sooner rather than later.

I love Deanna Jump's common core posters (see them here), but I've kinda got a black and white theme going in my room now and I wanted to coordinate so I looked at TpT for black and white ones that worked for me, but I guess I'm too picky. So, I decided to start the tedious process of doing my own.

CCSS in Reading have three components: Literature, Informational Texts & Foundational Skills. My thinking decor-wise is to have three different black/white/gray-ish backgrounds, one for each of the components. Each component would have one-two full pages listing all the standards for it. Then there would be pages fitting 2-3 "mini" versions of the standards which would be displayed on a ribbon (like in Deanna's example) or using magnets.

I plan to have these on TpT sometime soon. I'd consider making them for first grade math, as well.

Pictures below...I would love your suggestions and feedback! Thanks so much for your help...



  1. Adorable! Thx for posting. Simply smitten.

  2. I think they are simply perfect...not a big fan of too much clip art or using a whole page for 1 standard.


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