Sunday, September 30

Self-Evaluation Freebie

Well, we've only been in school 18 days and already it's time to start thinking about parent-conferences! Kind of crazy! Our conferences fall earlier than normal this year (Oct 10, 11 & 18). Report cards (plus the related assessments) won't be completed until after conferences. Kind of interesting!

I love giving the kids a chance to self-reflect and came up with this form this year. There are two sides with academic categories (Reading, Writing, Math) on the front and academic enable categories (following directions, doing my work, friendship actions) on the back. 

I added extra pages without the "Quarter 1 2 3 4" part in the upper right for those of you who go by trimester or semester. 

Hope you find it helpful!

You can have it for free by clicking on the first picture. :-)

There is a typo in the pic, but not on the download. :)

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 8

Indoor Recess Activity Bags - Freebie!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

We had a last-minute-hadn't-taught-the-kids-yet indoor bus line up when it poured buckets at dismissal time yesterday. All hands were on deck and everyone got home safely, thank goodness.

It got me thinking about Indoor Recess...

During lunch recess, our school offers A.I.R. (Active Indoor Recess), which is wonderful! At our grade level recess, we are on our own.

Last year, my esteemed colleague, Shelley, shared her Indoor Recess Activity Bag activity. Love her for sooo many reasons! This year, I'm all excited about my digital graphics so I'm cuting up the parent note.

The idea is that you send home a gallon sized zip lock (freezer works well) home with each student (labelled with their name) and they fill it with small items that they can do during indoor recess. Our firsties loved playing with their Hot Wheels, Pokemon cards, Squinkies, Polly Pockets, mini-games, mini-puzzles, card decks...etc. Drama free recess practically guaranteed! Bags were kept at school...

Here's the letter. Click right here to download it for free!

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