Sunday, August 26

First Day of School Posters

I hope you will enjoy these freebies for your cuties to hold up when you take their first day of school photos - either at home or at school. There are three background styles for each grade (K, 1, 2). Here's a sampling...


Saturday, August 25

Group Signs

In the pinter-blog-iverse I have seen signs for groups and thought I'd whip up some of my own to go along with my (loose) classroom decoration theme of owls. I plan to use them when I put the kiddos into groups and set it down at their work location. There are 13 signs, each one a different colored owl.


Thursday, August 16

Owl & Dot Color Labels

Well, I'm ready to begin emerging from my fog of grief over my father's recent death as it will be back to school time before I know it. I am still very, very sad, but need to start doing things to help me feel more normal. Today, the bug bit me and I made up some color labels, which can be used in a huge variety of ways.

I intend to use five of the colors to label the "Shopping Books" tubs. (I'll use green, yellow, red, blue & black.)

The first grade teachers at my school all use tubs to store the books that students can choose from for their choice books to be kept in their individual book boxes. These books are divided by level-ish into color tubs. For example, levels 1-4 are in the green tub; levels 5-8 are in the yellow tub, etc. Each book is labeled with a dot in the corresponding color and does not contain the specific book level.

We find that grouping the levels this way helps kiddos get within the ballpark when choosing just right books for their book boxes. It also, more importantly, helps them to not be so focussed on their (and their peers) number level.

Each week, children "shop" for four new books. In my room, Table 1 shops on Monday, Table 2 on Tuesday, etc. If we are off a day of school or someone is absent, they shop the next day. For me, this system REALLY works because I don't have to do much to keep track of the kids' shopping once the routine is fairly well in place.

Kids in the same Book Club group generally operate within the same color levels and I tell the group which color(s) to choose from as the group progresses. Not all groups move at the same time.

For example, my red book club group may start the year with choosing four books from the green tubs. As they progress, they will be able to choose two from the green tub (for fluency practice) and two from the yellow tub (for word-solving practice). After a while, they'll then be taking all four books from the yellow tub and continue to move along as the year continues.

I hope this helps!!!

You can download your freebie labels here. And, I'd LOVE it if you followed me on Teachers Pay Teachers so you can take advantage of more freebies to come.

Tuesday, August 7

O-fish-ally Back to School

There are so many super cute back to school treats for students and parents in the pinter-blog-iverse! I wanted to use one of the existing ones but the circle got me every time. Me and circle cutting? Not friends. At all. So, I made my own. You'll surely notice that they are circular signs...yet, I intend to cut the page into 6ths using the paper cutter. So, each sign will be a rectangle. And I'll likely just tape them onto an individual bag of Goldfish, purchased by the box from Costco.

You are welcome to download for free! Click the pictures below to get your own.


Friday, August 3

Literacy Work Stations

This is my very first post! I've been in stalking research mode thusfar...I have so many favorite blogs that fill my inbox with happiness and inspiration. Please follow me if you'd like to hear more about my first grade world here in Wisconsin and get bunches of freebies. :-) Once I make it to 31 followers, I'm thinking I need to do a thirty-one giveaway! Kinda fun, hey? So...feel free to go ahead and share my blog with your besties and even your kinda-besties.

At any rate...let's talk about Literacy Work Stations. Just like many of you, while I am busy in guided reading groups the rest of the class is partnered (sometimes that really a word?) up and busy at Literacy Work Stations (aka Centers, Language Labs, etc). In my world, the stations stay the same all year long, but the contents rotate out each month-ish.

The stations in my room are:
Pocket Chart
Listening Center
iPads (new this year!!!)
Word Work
Authors & Characters
Visualize & Illustrate (new this year)

I've been having fun using digital images and Power Point lately to make some labels and such for my room.

Here are your freebie labels... I plan to print and tape each label onto the matching station's tub. I'll post some pics once I can get back into my classroom...which won't be until August 20th. We start back to work on August 26th, kids start the Tuesday after Labor Day.

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