Sunday, November 25

Reading Strategies - Metacognition, Goal Setting & Comprehension

During Reading Workshop, I want to build readers that have excellent reading habits...regardless of whatever reading program my district had purchased. This Building S.T.A.R. Readers pack can be used on its own or as a supplement to any reading curriculum.

A STAR reader is a reader that has these important reading habits:





Each STAR Reader habit has a friend with an original ditty...wanna meet them?

Each habit from S.T.A.R. has two anchor charts, described in the Teacher Notes and Mini Lessons...

Thoughts for working with the ideas behind each anchor chart are included as well. Those pages look like this...

Also included are Parent Letters, Goal Setting pages around the Habits & over 25 Student Response pages...

This STAR Readers pack is SO powerful for building strong reading habits!!

Thursday, October 4

Personal Narrative Writing Workshop Unit

This Personal Narrative Writing Workshop Unit has been SUCH a blast to implement! 

My sweet little writers were very productive in learning that their lives are FILLED with stories just waiting to come out on paper in personal narrative (small moment) writing. 

Having students not be stuck on "What do I write about?" has increased their volume of writing and drastically reduced their (and my!!!) frustration!

Personal Narrative Small Moment Writing

The unit encourages students to think about four main places in their life that they have stories to tell...
Personal Narrative Small Moment Writing

Then, you spend a while going deeper into each of those four parts...

Personal Narrative Small Moment Writing

Students LOVE writing the stories of their lives once they've unlocked the magic that stories are EVERYWHERE if you know to look for them. After we spent time on each 3 box planning page, kids would choose one story from one of the boxes and write a story.

When you do mini-lessons on adding details, this tool can come in very handy...

Personal Narrative Small Moment Writing

Hoping your students love this unit as much as mine do every year!

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